Say the words “weight training” or “weightlifting”, and most people picture competitive lifters or bodybuilders loading up the bar with heavy plates. Needless to say, this can paint a pretty intimidating picture. If you're new to fitness and personal training, don't let these misconceptions deter you from these incredibly beneficial exercises. Calgary personal trainer 7 FAQ's. 

If you're sticking to healthy weeknight meals, hitting up the cardio machines regularly, and yet, you're just not seeing the results you want, there could be something critical missing. And that something is weight training. 

Despite certain misconceptions, weight training can have numerous benefits including: 

  • An increase in your resting metabolic rate
  • Helps combat the natural decline in muscle and bone density
  • Improves your flexibility 
  • Has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease
  • Leads to a better night's sleep

Start Enjoying The Benefits of Weight Training Today! 

If you want to start weight training, making an appointment with a private personal trainer is a great first step. A fitness expert will be able to show you proper form, explain the basics, and set-up a customized program to ensure you see quick and effective weight loss and health results. 



1. What Is Weight Training?

Weight training is a type of strength training that uses weights for resistance. It provides a stress to the muscles that causes them to adapt and become stronger, similar to the way aerobic conditioning strengthens your heart. Weight training can be performed with: 

  • Free weights (barbells and dumbbells) 
  • Weight machines
  • Your own body weight 
  • Resistance bands 

The best news? You will be able to see significant imporvement in your strength with just two or three 20-30 minute weight training sessions a week. 

2. What Benefits Does Weight Training Provide Our Calgary Personal Trainer Clients?

Whether you want to gain size or strength, improve your balance, lose fat, or simply have a healthy, well-rounded fitness routine, there’s a place for weight training in your regimen.

Weight training can:

  • Increase muscle size and strength.
  • Strengthen bones, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Improve posture.
  • Correct muscle imbalances.
  • Aid in rehabilitation after illness or injury.


In order to receive the full benefits of your weight training program, your routine should be tailored to your specific goals and fitness level. Having a clear idea of these can help you and your Calgary personal trainer: 

  • Decide on the frequency and duration of your weight training sessions.
  • Choose which types of other exercises (such as cardio, stretching, and sports technique) you will add to your overall fitness routine.
  • Set a starting point for how heavy you will be lifting, and how much you should aim to increase in time.
  • Outline a realistic training timeline and setting achievable “milestones” and mini-goals along the way.

Weight Training Tips For Beginners

3. Do I Have To Choose Between Weight Lifting And Cardio?

You may have heard people say that they don’t lift weights because they don’t want to get “bulky”. On the other hand, those who admire the Mr. or Ms. Olympia look may be adamantly anti-cardio because they fear that it will undo the mass-building effects of their weightlifting regimen.

The truth? Both forms of exercise have their place in a well-rounded routine.

For example:

  • Strength training can help people--even those in highly aerobic sports like distance running--gain extra strength to improve their performance, and can prevent muscle loss in those who are on a diet.
  • Adding some low to moderate cardio to weight training regimens on off days can help boost fat loss, increase endurance, and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

The Benefits of Cross Training

4. What Kind Of Equipment Do I Need?

One of the greatest things about a basic weight training routine is that the equipment itself is straightforward. The vast majority of gyms have the required equipment, and a simple home gym is easy to purchase and set up.

Your routine may make use of:

  • Free weights
    • Barbells
    • Dumbbells
    • Medicine balls
    • Kettlebells
  • A variety of machines for isolation exercises

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5. What Kind Of Gear Should I Wear?

The best, most basic clothes for weight training includes comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement, and shoes with a stable base.

Other Gear You May Wish To Use

  • Specialized shoes with a raised sole designed to improve the ankle's range of motion and offer you the ability to more easily plant your feet and exert force downwards when completing an Olympic-style lift. 
  • Gloves are a great help for some when it comes to grip bars more easily, and can reduce uncomfortable calluses. However, others prefer to go without or opt for chalk, which helps prevent the barbell from slipping through your hands.
  • Straps may be a good option for those who are beginning to lift heavier weights.

Workout Gear to Feel Great In

6. Should I do Isolation Or Compound Exercises?

Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are key for building strength, putting on muscle mass, and gaining a more athletic appearance. This type of exercise usually involves using two or more joints. For example, a deadlift engages your hips, knees, and ankles.

Compound exercises are highly efficient because they let you work multiple muscle groups at once. 

Isolation Exercises

With an isolation exercise, the movement usually only engages one joint, and targets a specific muscle.

Isolation exercises can be used:

  • to correct existing strength or muscle size imbalances.
  • by bodybuilders or fitness competitors who are seeking to sculpt specific areas of their physique.

Many workout routines make use of both types of exercise. Your Calgary personal trainer can help you find the right ratio to acheive your goals.

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7. Can Weight Training Help With Weight Loss and Weight Management?

While it’s not an aerobic activity, weight training has amazing benefits for our Calgary weight management clients.

This is because weight training:

  • increases muscle mass, which burns more calories at rest than fat, thereby boosting your body’s metabolism.
  • creates a strong, toned look that many of our Calgary weight loss clients love.

Note: Despite these benefits, weighted ab exercises or squats alone won’t immediately rid you of unwanted fat areas on your belly or thighs. This is because body fat cannot be “spot-reduced”.

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