When it comes to athletics, cross training involves training in areas outside of the athlete’s main sport. There are many benefits to this kind of training, which is suitable to a wide variety of athletes.  In this post, we’ll cover four key reasons why cross training is beneficial. While cross-training is primarily done by athletes, this post also applies to anyone who is strongly dedicated to one type of activity!

Benefit #1: Step Up Your Workout Routine With Active Recovery

Recovery is a crucial component to any fitness regimen. However, with cross training, you don’t have to completely swear off the gym during your rest days. When, instead of taking a complete, you spend time on a different--and usually less strenuous--workout.

Active Recovery:

  • Can boost circulation and help you recover faster
  • Provide a relaxing change of pace
  • Depending on the activity, it may provide you with an opportunity to stretch any tightened muscles or strengthen areas that your main sport might not address as much

Cross-training and active recovery can be a great opportunity to enjoy the pools, parks, and cycle tracks in Calgary. Online personal training can also provide suggestions and information to help you with active recovery in the comfort of your own home.

Benefit #2: Get Better At Your Main Sport

Soccer players with more strength can run faster, and weightlifters with good flexibility can perform workouts with less chance of injury. Cross-training helps you become a more well-rounded athlete. A Calgary personal trainer can help tailor a routine that’s designed to enhance and complement your main athletic training regimen.

Benefit #3: Keep Things Interesting

One of the worst things is when your workout begins to get stagnant. At the point where the same few sets of exercises become repetitive and dull, going to the gym can begin to feel like a chore. When this occurs, it’s easy to start going through your workouts on autopilot or even skip the gym altogether.

For any serious athlete, having a day or two to focus on an entirely different activity or sport can provide a serious buffer against boredom or fatigue. The varied and customizable workouts of Calgary online personal training programs work particularly well for anyone who likes to keep their exercise routine consistently fresh.

Benefit #4: Keep A Balanced Approach

No matter how much you love sports, weightlifting, or running, there is such thing of too much of a good thing. Repetitive workouts can lead to strain, fatigue, and even injury. It’s also possible to develop muscle or strength imbalances that can diminish your results in the long run. Cross training can go a long way in ensuring that you’re training your whole body.

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