Paul Anthony

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Paul Anthony

Weight: 185 lbs

Height: 5'7"

Bodyfat: 3.3%

Winner: 2000 Western Canadian Championships
Middleweight & Best Overall Body Builder

Winner: 2001 Professional Card
Light Heavyweight

Winner: 2003 World Championship
Becomes first EVER Canadian to win this title - New York City
Receives PERFECT score and Best Overall Competitor - Men/Women

Winner: Personal Trainer of the Year, Alberta
12 Years of Winning this award out of (400+ plus trainers)

Winner: Top Trainer in Canada

Although Paul Anthony boasts numerous titles and accolades, his greatest achievements of all are the transformations he engineers in the gym. This includes helping 151 novice athletes earn their pro cards! Paul's larger than life persona, his empathetic demeanour, and his encyclopedic knowledge of health and fitness all reinforce his 30+ year reputation as a key opinion leader in the industry.

Paul's differentiating edge is his unparalleled commitment to enhancing the well-being of others. Through his experience as an athlete and trainer, Paul has developed MindScore - mindset training (meditation, affirmations, visualization) - to complement and prime his cutting edge compilation of fitness regimens. Paul's insatiable drive to deliver his philosophies on a grand scale has manifested in the form of the DreamBody Challenge. The DreamBody program was developed for people dedicated to achieving and surpassing their goals and dreams. Paul's DreamBody program has helped thousands of people achieve extraordinary results and get in the best shape of their lives, both physically and mentally.

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