Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?
Pricing depends on the type of training package that best suits your needs. You can get an idea of pricing by contacting Paul to set up a consultation, and discussing your training goals.
Where is the gym located?
Paul does personal training in downtown Calgary, at the World Health Bay Club. While training is not offered at other locations in Calgary, online personal training is available.
What should I expect at a fitness consultation?
Your consultation will take place either in person at the gym or over the phone. Your fitness consultation is an opportunity to discuss your unique fitness goals with Paul, and to decide what training plan works best for you. We usually ask that men bring a pair of shorts, and that women bring a two-piece swimsuit for before and after photos.
Can I train with Paul Anthony if I don’t live in Calgary?
Online fitness coaching might be the perfect option for you. When you sign up for online fitness training, you have access to customized workout and meal plans, along with regular meetings with Paul.
How will I know what training plan is right for me?
Paul will evaluate your current fitness level, and discuss your goals with you. Based on his experience as both a fitness trainer and an athlete, Paul will create a custom training plan for you. This training plan will become your roadmap to success!
I’ve never been an avid exerciser. Do I need a personal trainer?
If you’ve never worked out regularly before, or if you tend to stick to the same set of exercises, a personal trainer can help you expand your repertoire of exercises, as well as correct any issues with your technique. This allows you to progress faster as well as avoid injuries. Learn More >
I go to the gym regularly. What added benefit do I get from hiring a personal trainer?
If you’re a regular gym goer or an athlete, a personal trainer can help you speed up your progress, take your fitness to the next level and supercharge your progress. They can help you by providing challenging variations to your favorite exercises, fresh workout plans, as well as awesome meal plans to complement the hard work you put in at the gym.

Reluctant to switch gyms or fitness clubs? An online nutrition coach and online personal training plan can be a great way to incorporate Paul’s expertise into your existing fitness routine.
I’ve tried TONS of fitness plans before. What makes this one different?
The best meal and training plans in the world are only useful if you adhere to them. In addition to experience and training, Paul has a unique focus on the importance of a positive mindset when it comes to fitness. His training approach focuses on the flow of collaboration of 5 key components: MIND GYM, nutrition, stretching, cardio and resistance. By teaching you strategies to overcome weight loss plateaus, lack of motivation, or negative self-talk, Paul will equip you with the tools you need to overcome obstacles. You will likely find yourself able to meet, and surpass, goals you previously thought were unattainable. Learn More >
What training options are offered for older adults?
The Dreambody team believes it's possible to focus on your health and fitness at any age. In fact, the right workout regimen can help you look and feel younger while staving off numerous health risks. Our training plans can easily be customized for both seniors and elderly individuals. Learn More >
Is online personal training as effective as in-person training?
With Paul, online fitness coaching brings you all the benefits of an in-person training session with the added benefit that you can train on your own time. In other words, you’ll have access to the same killer workouts, second-to-none meal plans, but you are free to train whenever it fits your busy schedule.

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