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Buying the perfect set of workout clothes is more than just about being stylish. Wearing the right clothing to the gym can make all the difference between an enjoyable, satisfying workout.  We spoke to athletes of all shapes and sizes and have compiled a list of things for you to keep in mind the next time you go shopping for your workout gear.


Workout clothes that are made from rough fabrics often chafe or irritate your skin and can prove to be a major annoyance during your workout session. Instead, choose materials that won’t constrict you and will allow for greater motion during exercise such as lycra or spandex.

Fabrics that wick

While we’re on the topic of material, when shopping for workout clothes, stay as far away as possible from cotton. Instead, go for fabrics that wick moisture away from the body and help keep you cool and comfortable. Synthetics such as nylon, lycra or polyester are perfect because they keep you warm in cold weather and cooler during the hotter months.

Invest in a good sports bra

A well-fitted sports bra is a workout essential. Stiff shoulders, an aching back and even headaches can result from neglecting to wear a good sports bra. So if your workout shirt doesn’t have an in-built one already, we suggest investing in one right away. You’ll notice the benefits and look great too!

Activity Appropriate

When buying workout clothes, it’s important to consider what activities you enjoy the most. If you’re into spin-class, opt for bottoms with an extra snug fit so your pants won’t get stuck in the pedals.If it’s the downward dog and forward bend you prefer, a fitted bodice will ensure that your top won’t lift up during your yoga session.

Not only do smartly-chosen workout clothes make your exercise sessions more enjoyable, they are also less likely to make you feel self-conscious and restricted and are the perfect motivation to get you moving.

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