Want to get leaner, stronger, and more toned? Calgary weight loss clients can get amazing results and feel better than ever by adding strength training to their routines. 

Should You Add Strength Training To Weight Loss Regimen?

There are many misconceptions about what can help a person achieve their dream body. There is tons of conflicting advice out there on everything from what to eat, how to train, how much to sleep, and what equipment to use to get into the best shape of your life.

One persistent myth is that strength training is something to stay away from unless you want to “bulk up”. There are a few reasons for this:

  • BMI and body weight are often presented as the main measure of health and fitness; and, many people see cardio training as the most effective way to burn calories and shed pounds
  • There is a common idea that anyone who does strength training is seeking--and will develop,a “bodybuilder” type physique
  • Many people think strength training is only good for people who want to lift heavy weights

In this post, we’re going to debunk these three myths to demonstrate why strength training is key to fat loss.

Don't Let These Fitness Myths Hold You Back

Myth #1: If You Want To Lose Weight, Cardio Is The Only Answer

Many people feel that losing the last 10 pounds will make them feel healthier, look better, and achieve a higher fitness level than before. However, what goes unspoken when people talk about losing "weight" is that they want to lose fat, lose inches, go down clothing sizes, and feel toned and fit. 

While cardio and a meal plan can put you in a caloric deficit needed to burn off those extra pounds, adding strength training allows you to preserve your muscle tone. The American College of Sports Medicine states “resistance training should be progressive in nature, individualized, and provide a stimulus to all the major muscle groups”. This is much better for the metabolism and also creates the head-to-toe toned, athletic physique people are usually implicitly referring to when they say that they want to lose weight. 

Sometimes, however, people start to notice the scale going up rather than down when they add strength training to their routine. Some panic and alter their regimen. But before doing this, it’s best to check with a personal trainer: sometimes the scale is going up because you’re gaining muscle before or in addition to losing fat. Taking body fat measurements, progress photos, and general size measurements can be a better way to track progress. Your Calgary personal trainer can help you go over these metrics at regular intervals.

Myth #2 Strength Training Will Create A “Ripped” Physique, Which Is Not Sought By Everyone

Weightlifting has been connected with bodybuilding for decades. While it can create amazing results and a sculpted, athletic physique that many of our clients love, certain personal training clients seek a softer silhouette, and therefore shy away from weights.

However, strength and resistance training can be used in many circumstances. Different weight loss personal training programs can:

  • Add size and lean mass
  • Create a toned and athletic look
  • Build functional strength with less of a focus on aesthetics as an end result (but you’ll still look and feel your best, trust us!)

Myth #3 Strength Training Is Only Useful For Physical Transformations

In addition to the stunning physical transformations that weightlifting can create, there are many health and psychological benefits to strength training. For example:

  • According to Harvard Health, strength and resistance training preserves bone density, especially in the hips, spine, and wrists
  • Regular resistance training can also decrease the risk of heart disease by lowering body fat, and decreasing blood preasure
  • Strength training can also improve balance, core strength, and posture

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