Having been firmly established in the Calgary fitness community for many years now, there are certain questions we hear every so often from clients starting out on their fitness path. One of the most popular is 'why do I need the assistance of a professional trainer for weight training if I can find all the guides online?' 

One of the greatest things about the increase in fitness and sports-related resources and forums online is that it allows individuals in the Calgary fitness community to access the latest information from experts and publications around the globe. These resources allow you to learn more about fitness, and, especially when it comes to weight training, proper technique.

We always encourage our clients to boost and broaden their knowledge in any way they can and such guides are a great start. However, these general and one-size-fits-all articles are always best supplemented by the assistance of a dedicated personal trainer. 

Here are five key reasons why a fitness expert can help you with weight training, even if you use form guides and online tutorials:

1. A Pro Calgary Fitness Trainer Helps You Maintain Correct Form & Prevent Injuries 

Having the proper form and technique when weight training is crucial to making sure you're working the intended muscle groups that you want to develop and grow. While you might undertand this in theory, putting it into effect can be a challenge. Working with an experienced fitness trainer will help you achieve great form, ensuring the success of your program while:

  • Lowering your risk of injury
  • Helping you target the right muscles to prevent strain and achieve optimum results
  • Assisting you in maintaining proper breathing to avoid heart problems and maintain your blood pressure 
  • Giving you balance and helping you lift weights better

2. You May Require A Variation of An Exercise

We’d never say that good form is merely a “guideline”: it’s key to avoiding injury. However, there are different variations of these forms that can depend on body type and skill level.


  • A current or past injury may require you to modify an exercise.
  • The length of your arms can impact how wide or narrow your bench press grip should be.
  • Your hips, knees, and leg length could affect the ideal stance and depth for exercises like barbell squats.

In fact, sometimes, based on your personal situation and medical history, a popular exercise might not be right for you at all. In these cases, our Calgary fitness training team can teach you the right substitutes.

3.  Our Calgary Fitness Experts Can Help You Understand Where to Start

While guides are a very helpful tool, they are often very generalized and not tailored to your specific needs. A fitness trainer, on the other hand, provides you with individualized instruction based on your weight loss goals and current fitness level. They are educated on assessing what your body can and cannot do, and are able to design a workout program accordingly. 

The result? A workout tailored to your unique body and fitness goals, helping you reach them faster and much more effectively. 

4. A Calgary Fitness Trainer Can Help You Add Weight In The Right Increments

Following from the point above, a personal trainer can also help you increase the weights you lift at a steady, sustainable rate. For example, if you’ve thoroughly mastered the dumbbell row at one weight, should you add on another five pounds? Another ten? A smaller increment, like just 2.5? Should you drop down to a lower number of reps, or keep the same ones? Online guides can vary in their advice, and again, aren't tailored specifically to your needs. A fitness trainer can ensure that you progress swiftly yet safely.

An expert trainer:

  • Can ensure you're never placing too much strain on your back, knees, or rotator cuff.
  • Can be of particular help to women who are starting out, because misleading fitness myths have led many women to underestimate their own capacity to lift heavy.

5. A Personal Trainer Can Help You Find The Right Diet Strategy

Weight training can be an incredibly effective tool for shedding pounds which is why we include it in the workout programs for most our Calgary clients. 

A key part of weight loss is to burn more calories than you are eating. However, if you’re building muscle, your body still needs the right amount of fuel. The answer, at first glance, seems straightforward: most people know that neither starving yourself nor trying to follow Michael Phelps' calorie-rich Olympic meal plan will work. 

However, there’s still plenty of middle ground there in which to get lost, especially if you're looking for specific results within a condensed time frame. A personal trainer or Calgary weight loss expert can help you navigate this area with ease.

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If you're a fan of online personal training, you can opt for a personalized program that also offers nutrition support and regular check-ins. If you’re simply looking for a few sessions to perfect your form on each exercise as you improve your strength, book a free consultation to learn the right number of coaching sessions for you.

If you’re ready for long-term support from a Calgary fitness expert, there are also long-term fitness packages available for strength, competition, and weight loss

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