Results are in: Working out with a personal trainer makes for a fitter, stronger and leaner you! The success rates are leaps and bounds higher than working out in a fitness studio on your own. Here's why:

Everyone knows someone who has worked with a personal trainer and achieved weight-loss results way beyond what was expected. Most wonder how much of the success was the drive of the individual and how much attributed to the the trainer’s expertise? Undoubtedly, majority of people in the fitness industry know that the most riveting results take discipline from an outside source that strives to reach your goal as bad as you do. Provided that the trainer is well-qualified and the client’s goals were realistic and attainable, it’s no surprise that the relationship will push the two to reach their targets together. But how much of the success is measurable and really due to the trainer? Up until recently, this answer was largely based on anecdotal evidence.

Now, it has been proven. With the astronomical growth of the personal training industry and with Calgarians investing more time and money into private sessions, researchers have begun investigating just how much value there is behind the hype. Current studies have provided compelling positive feedback which shows that:

Weekly sessions with a personal trainer significantly increases a client’s ability to move up through the stages of physical fitness.

Overall, 60% of participants moved up one stage while 13% moved up two stages over a 10-week period.

Personal training significantly impacts cardiovascular and muscle strength. Training loads, peak power output and fat free mass were all increased to a greater extent among clients working with personal trainers compared to those who worked out unsupervised.

We have an unparalleled commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of others and while we have been privileged to experience many successes, our biggest achievements are the transformations we engineer in our state-of-the-art facility.

With Paul's proven, customized personal training programs, DreamBody can help transform your life and your body through weight loss, best-in-class nutritional coaching and athletic performance. Here are just some of the incredible benefits you will enjoy when working with Paul:

Goal Achievement

Do you have a weight loss goal you have been dragging around for years yet just haven’t managed to accomplish? Do you want to feel stronger and more powerful in your mind and body? DreamBody can help you get there. Our personal trainers can break down your goal into more specific and realistic smaller targets, making them much easier to reach. During a comprehensive consultation, we closely analyze your fitness level, any physical restrictions you may have and what you want to achieve from your workouts and then develop a customized plan to help get you into the best shape of your life.


A new study has found that 73% of people who set fitness/weight-loss goals as a New Year’s resolution give them up. Keeping yourself motivated is one of the most difficult aspects of maintaining a long-term fitness plan. Boredom, a busy work routine, a thriving social life and self-consciousness are all strong motivational killers. Humans tend to want immediate gratification and it can be extremely demotivating when you don’t quickly see the results of your hard work (though it is important to note that you are still doing your body a tremendous favour by exercising.)

At DreamBody, we believe that variety and excitement are key components to the longevity of any workout regimen. By using innovative and different techniques, we challenge your mind and body every session, help you keep track of your progress and provide some much needed support at the most difficult times of your training program.


We are dedicated to the well-being of each and every one of our clients. That’s why we take the time to teach you the correct and safest way of performing each exercise movement in your routine. Often, we will begin by demonstrating the action and then watch you perform it, correcting any issues with your posture and/or technique. Learning how to perform exercises properly will reduce your risk of injury and maximize your receivable benefits.

The DreamBody program was developed for clients who are dedicated to achieving and surpassing their fitness goals and we are able to do with a top-notch team of elite personal trainers and a high-caliber training space.

To discover how we can help transform your physical and mental self today, call our fitness studio at 403-612-3538 or sign up below.

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