Are you satisfied with your current fitness level?  Humans are creatures of habit that stick to what they know. If you are not happy with the status quo, you may want to bring in a personal trainer. Here are 8 reasons why.

  1. Personalization: You are unique! Why shouldn’t your fitness plan be? Opting for personal training services will give you a customized program that fits into your body type, lifestyle, availability, and most importantly your fitness GOALS!
  2. Efficiency:  Don’t waste your time.  Work Smart AND Hard! (This is fitness training after all).  The difference between spending an hour with a personal trainer vs training by yourself is huge!
  3. Accountability:. A structured schedule with appointments increases accountability. When you sign up with a personal trainer, you are making a commitment to attend each appointment.
  4. Results:  It’s common for gym goers to plateau and stop seeing the gains they achieved when they started exercising. A personal trainer can make changes to a workout on the fly allowing their clients to continue seeing gains without pause..
  5. Engagement: You will have fun with a trainer.  Even the fittest people can get bored with mundane work out routines.  A good personal trainer will show clients multiple techniques to target muscle groups and keep evolving routines to ensure maximum benefit.
  6. Safety: Injuries suck. Depending on severity, they can be an annoying ache you carry around for a week or derail your life. Especially if you are new, having a personal trainer teach proper technique will save you a lot of grief.
  7. Knowledge: Personal trainers have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of exercise. Their clients benefit from that knowledge.
  8. Motivation: Working out with a trainer will keep you on task and focused.  They push you to get that last rep in. You know the one you decided to skip last time you were at the gym wink

Paul Anthony is a 13 time Personal Trainer of the Year and a World Natural Bodybuilding Champion based out of the World Health Club in Downtown Calgary.  Paul also offers his proprietary DreamBody system online to clients across North America.  For nearly three decades, Paul has successfully help clients lose weight, prepare for competitions, achieve pro cards and drastically enhance their conditioning for sports.  

Call 403-612-3538 or email to book a free no obligation assessment today. 

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