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“Get out of the stands and get into the game! Come FLY WITH ME and take the DREAMBODY CHALLENGE!”

-Paul Anthony

Tired of Hitting Weight Loss Plateaus?

A number of Calgarians struggle to lose weight, often without achieving the results they want. In fact, Dreambody clients reach out after becoming fed up with plans that offer quick fixes or one-size-fits all meal plans yet leave them drained, discouraged, and in some cases, even less healthy than they were to begin with.

Enrolling in personal training with Paul Anthony changes that. Paul combines an empathetic approach to training with over 20 years of experience as a trainer and personal experience as an athlete. Dreambody’s In-Gym and Online personal training, weight loss programs, and meal plans have been proven to deliver results. Our inspiring transformation gallery is full of individuals who made the decision to change their bodies and their lives--you can do it too!


Weight Loss The Healthy Way With Expert Personal Training

Getting healthy is a journey, and the right approach makes all the difference. The best way to lose weight--and more specifically, to lose fat, is by making small but important changes to your lifestyle.

To lose body fat sustainably, it’s important to follow the right meal plans and weight loss workouts, as well as keeping a positive mindset in the face of plateaus. Having one expert personal trainer helping you with multiple facets of your health and fitness transformation is both efficient and cost-effective.

Weight Loss Programs To Suit Your Busy Schedule

For busy professionals or parents, sometimes self-care can take a backseat to your other obligations. We know that with so many different facets of your life demanding your attention, it can be difficult to even make it to a gym during regular hours!

Dreambody makes achieving a healthy lifestyle easier by offering online training through JALP. The ability to access expert personal training when it best suits your schedule ensures that fitness can be a sustainable part of your busy lifestyle. As long as you’ve got the drive to make a change, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to reach your weight loss goals.

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If you live in Calgary and want to lose weight, get in touch with Paul to get your health and fitness journey started. Call for your free, no-obligation fitness consultation online or by phone. We can't wait to get started!

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