Ever wonder how fitness models prepare for a shoot?  They obviously stick to excellent work out regimens, but they also build well thought out nutritional plans.   

Consider this:  If you are building an outdoor patio, you wouldn’t randomly start nailing lumber together; you would prepare a plan, gather the required materials, and then execute.  Same rules apply to a nutritional plan.

Calgary’s 13 time Personal Trainer of the Year, Paul Anthony, knows the important role nutrition plays in body transformations and your overall heath.  Here are some of Paul’s steps for building a good nutritional plan that will get you ready for bikini season, a bikini physique competition or maximize your level of fitness.

  1. Establish Your Goal:  How much weight do you want to lose?  How much muscle would you like to gain? And how much time do you have to achieve it?
  2. Determine Your New Caloric Intake:  This will help you prepare meals that fit into your nutritional plan.  If you want to lose 20 lbs in 20 weeks, break down your daily calorie allowance and build meals within those parameters.  For instance, if you determine that ingesting 1,700 calories/day will help you lose 20lbs in 20 weeks then you should eat 5 smalls meals/day each totalling 340 calories.
  3. Plan Your Meals:  Preparing and planning nutritious meals ahead of time will prevent you from being tempted by the office doughnuts and vending machines. Check out my website for some protein-packed and delicious recipes.    
  4. Track Your Success:  An easy way to make sure you are hitting your caloric goals is to use online calorie tracking tools such as JALP.
  5. Supplement With Supplements:  Some people who diet may be missing out key nutrients and minerals that your body needs to stay strong.  Consider incorporating Omega-3’s and Multivitamins to offset diet restrictions.
  6. Focus On Yourself:  Your body is unique so you will not have the same nutritional plan or workout routine as your competitors and peers.  Don’t compare your nutritional plan to others; focus on what your body needs to reach your goal.   
  7. Talk to an Expert:  If you have aggressive weight loss goals (anything more than 2 lbs a week), talk to an expert prior to starting a new diet.

As a World Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Paul Anthony knows how much effort, dedication and planning it takes to implement these changes and reach your fitness goals.  But you’re worth the time.

Call Paul at 403.612.3538 or email at info@paulanthony.ca to start work on your dreambody bikini body.

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