For many of our clients in Calgary weight loss can be a challenge. There is a good deal of contradicting advice about weight loss out there, as well as a variety of fad and crash diets promising instant results. It can be difficult to know where to start, and setbacks or a lack of results can become discouraging.

At Dreambody, we don’t just provide expert personal training and nutrition coaching. We also equip our clients with the strategies they need to to set ambitious but achievable and sustainable goals and to overcome obstacles or setbacks.

These Strategies Include

  • Practical tips for sticking to a Calgary weight loss program
  • Strategies for keeping a positive mindset and a strong focus on goals

Calgary Weight Management: Practical Tips

Set Concrete Goals

One mistake that is easy for our Calgary fitness clients to make is to focus on a goal that is too broad. Having a broad goal (for example, to lose 20 pounds or to “get stronger”) to aim for can be important, but without breaking it down into smaller, concrete, and definite components, it can be very hard to gauge progress or even develop a routine.

Our Tips

  • Imagine your goal at the end of your destination, but make sure that you have checkpoints along the way
  • Focusing on the mini-goals can not only provide you with direction, but can make your whole journey feel more manageable

Record your Goals and Progress

Recording your progress allows you to celebrate your successes and gain a sense of positive momentum, as well as pinpoint areas that need extra focus.

There are numerous ways to record your progress:

Other Calgary weight loss training clients prefer to share their goals and progress with friends or family, and find that this has the additional benefit of holding them accountable and inspiring them to keep going.

Calgary Weight Loss: Keeping A Positive Mindset

Improve in Iterations, and Don’t Be Too Extreme

Sometimes, it’s easy to start focusing on an ambitious goal or stringent routine too early. While it’s beneficial to set high goals, it’s important to keep in mind that your regimen needs to be sustainable. Cutting back on your meals or food groups dramatically might help you lose weight in the short term, but you might find yourself with less energy for your workouts as well as some serious cravings for sweets. Similarly, going from a sedentary lifestyle to an ambitious daily routine can, without the supervision of a trainer, result in injury.

The right personal trainer can help you set challenging goals that will bring you results, while allowing you to progress safely and sustainably.

Anticipate Setbacks 

Everyone faces setbacks in their health and fitness routine, but the key is to be able to deal with these problems and move on rather than let it completely derail you. For example, if you “cheat” on your meal plan, rather than deciding that you might as well quit, you can simply aim to eat healthy on your next meal. 

Common setbacks and how to plan for them:

  • Are you always hungry by mid-afternoon and tempted to buy snacks on your way home? Pack fresh fruit or a bag of almonds for a healthy alternative.
  • Do you find it hard to workout in the morning? Find a gym that's open later or near enough to your work that you can go on your lunch break.
  • Is eating healthy hard to fit into your busy schedule? Prepare your meals in advance on the weekend for healthy food on the go.

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