Are you considering starting a personal training program? Set yourself up for success by choosing the best person for the job. Not sure where to start? Check out our roadmap to finding the top personal trainer in Calgary.

Look For Certifications, Credentials, And Experience

When looking for a personal trainer, the first thing you should seek out are individuals with a strong track record of helping their clients achieve results.

This Can Include:

  • Personal training certifications
  • Credentials and courses related to personal training
  • Extensive experience as a personal trainer, as well as a background in sports or fitness

In addition to looking for the right training, it can also be helpful to look for a trainer who is truly at the top of their field. If a personal trainer has won awards or accolades as both a trainer and a coach, you know that they understand both sides of the athlete/coach dynamic.

A Top Personal Trainer In Calgary Should Have Great Referrals

While a standout resume is an excellent starting point, you also want to make sure you choose a trainer who delivers results.

Word-of-mouth can be a good judge of any business or service provider, and personal training is no different. Check out reviews, or ask acquaintances for input when you are selecting a personal trainer.

Look For A Trainer Who Matches Your Schedule

When you’re busy, it’s important to find a personal trainer who works with your schedule. Ask about the availability of early morning, evening, and lunch-hour sessions. Additionally, determine what level of contact your trainer maintains between sessions.

We recommend asking the following questions:

  • Do you email or text clients between training sessions?
  • Do you provide workout plans the client can follow on days when they don’t have sessions?
  • What sort of goal- and progress-tracking options do you offer?

Training Style And Attitude Are Key

A top personal trainer in Calgary should have a positive and empathetic attitude. What’s more, you should also look for someone who is able to adapt their training style in order to get the best results.

A Top Calgary Personal Trainer Should Have Added Expertise To Set You Up For Success

A good personal trainer takes a well-rounded approach to fitness that goes beyond guiding clients through workouts in the gym.

The best personal trainers will also have experience in:


In all cases, being comfortable with your personal trainer can be essential to staying consistent and achieving success. For some individuals, going to a gym can be intimidating or daunting. Having an understanding and empathetic personal trainer is key.

Our Tip:

Don’t be too restrictive when initially looking for a personal trainer. For example, some women may initially only search for a female personal trainer while others seeking personal training over 50 might seek out a trainer in their age bracket. Wile this stragegy may work for some, it can also be useful to look at all trainers’ track records, client base, and referrals before making a final decision. The best personal trainers have the empathy and demeanor to work with any client, regardless of gender or age.

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