The bodybuilding sport is really an amazing sight to behold and those who dedicate their time to it, always an inspiration. Competitors are passionate, determined and work relentlessly towards their goals, day in and day out. This is more than just a sport. It is a way of life.

Have you ever thought about entering a bodybuilding competition but didn't know what to expect? The first and most important thing to know is that there are five different types of bodybuilding competitions for women. This blog is designed to give you an insight into each one so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to the one that is right for you.

Traditional Bodybuilding

This is what first comes to mind for most people when they think about bodybuilding competitions. While it certainly isn't for every woman, it is very popular. In this competition, women are judged on their muscularity, definition and leanness. As with all forms, muscular and physical symmetry are the crucial factors the judges are looking for. Bodybuilding competitions are composed of:

  • The Comparison Round: when women perform mandatory poses in groups to show off their muscle balance and definition.
  • The Posing Routine: This routine is set to music and gives each competitor the chance to show off her personality and physique.

This division is gaining popularity faster than any other and always has the highest number of entries. It focuses on a woman's overall presentation from her shape and muscle balance to her complexion, skin tone and poise. Judges are looking for curves and soft bodylines, combined with beauty and femininity. It involves:

  • Solo Model Walk: The model walk usually involves a confident, smooth stride to attract attention. You will be given the chance to perform your stances at the centre of the stage individually.
  • Comparison Round: The comparison round is a mimic of the solo model walk, but this time you must perform your stances with a group of other contestants. This includes a group side by side comparison and a front/back comparison.

Each competitor is judged from the front and the back, but not from the sides.


This is the most unique of all the bodybuilding competitions as women have to prepare a routine than entails more than just posing. The routine can involve music, gymnastics, dancing or any other kind of physical activity. The routine involves some mandatory moves such as push-ups, side split and high kicks and is judged based on difficulty, show of strength, flexibility and overall presentation, among other factors. The competitors bodies are judged according to their symmetry, proportion, poise and complexion.


The figure division lies somewhere between traditional bodybuilding and bikini. Though judges do look for a small amount of muscularity, less focus is placed on muscle size when compared to bodybuilding. There are two stages to a figure competition:

  • One Piece Bathing Suit Round
  • Two Piece Bathing Suit Round

On both, you will be judged based on your firmness, shapely lines and the consistency of your muscle tone throughout your body. As with all divisions, grooming, beauty and presentation are also important factors.


In this division, judges are looking for muscle tone and shape but also concentrate on femininity and beauty flow, which are not necessarily as important in any of the other divisions. Also, unlike the other categories, contestants do not wear high-heels but perform barefoot. Judging includes:

  • Individual Routine
  • Comparison Round

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