Has your fitness routine stagnated? Are you having trouble maintaining--or starting--your new workout regimen? Check out this post on how to take your fitness routine to the next level.

Are You Stuck In A Health And Fitness Rut?

Sometimes, all that it takes to boost your progress or help you power through a plateau is a change of approach. When it comes to fitness, this goal could include:

  • Starting or maintaining a new, healthy habit
  • Hitting a new milestone or personal best
  • Adding some friendly competition.

Are you ready to kickstart your progress?

Starting or Maintaining A Healthy New Habit: Calgary Online Personal Trainer

Sometimes, even if you’re chasing a larger goal or going to the gym regularly, maintaining your routine can begin to feel a little bit stale. Additionally, if you’ve got a good handle on your workouts and/or nutrition, it’s easy to believe you’ve got a healthy lifestyle on lock.

Unfortunately, after a while of this most of us start noticing that we aren’t improving as rapidly as we were before.

Regardless of what camp you fall into, busting out of your wellness rut can be as simple as starting a new habit. It provides you with a fresh new component to your routine and even lets you solidify the foundation of your healthy lifestyle. Goals can be large or small and can include:

  • Getting more sleep
  • Staying hydrated
  • Taking time to stretch before workouts
  • Mastering an exercise you’ve been avoiding

Calgary online personal training is a great way to start tracking these habits and staying accountable.

Hitting A New Milestone Or Personal Best: Calgary Personal Training 

If you’re going the gym but don’t have a goal in mind, it’s time to change that. Do you want to get stronger? Look leaner? Gain flexibility or strength?

When you’ve settled on a goal:

  • You can put together a cohesive set of exercises
  • You can create mini-milestones and personal checkpoints to motivate you on your way
  • You can track your progress and make adjustment to your routines based on your progress

While many sporty individuals track their own goals in an app or journal, a Calgary personal trainer can be a benefit to even the most seasoned fitness junkie. They can also provide professional advice when it comes to regimens designed to complement sports, Calgary competition prep, and body transformations.

Adding Some Friendly Competition: Calgary Weight Loss Challenges & Competition Prep

Another way to take your fitness goals to the next level is by bringing it back to what’s most important when it comes to fitness: becoming healthier and fitter. For those wanting to shed some weight, a Calgary weight loss challenge can inject a new kind of motivation into your program. For others, entering a fitness competition can be a key incentive to stay consistent with nutrition and diet.

Of course, winning isn't the only goal. If you're a novice to weight loss or fitness competitions, even if you don't place first, you'll still know you've given it your all. Amazing "side effects" of participating in a competition include: 

  • Gaining muscle and getting down to a lower bodyfat percentage
  • Making healthy changes to your diet, which can help lower your blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Reducing stress through more challenging workouts
  • Gaining a more positive mindset

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