Physical therapists, massueses and sports professionals have used foam rollers for decades as a means of therapeutic training and stretching for their clients.  It has recently permeated into the fitness industry as a wonderful means of reducing tension, stretching under-utilized muscles and decreasing body pain.  DreamBody personal trainer, Paul Anthony, has all the information you need to know so you can easily implement the foam roller into your routine.

First of all, anyone who has ever worked out in their lives is aware of the post-work out soreness and fatigued muscles.  Foam rollers allow you to apply the perfect amount of pressure to these muscles to relieve pain and stiffness.  You are using your own body weight to massage certain muscles and increase blood flow to them.  The ability to target these knots or tight muscles will quicken their recovery time and have you feeling better in no time.  This is extremely useful for first time exercisers and athletes so you can return to your work out regimen with optimal performance. 

Another benefit of foam rolling is neutralizing and releasing fascial tissue.  Fascial tissues are the connected fibres under our skin that separate and attach to our muscles.  After an intense work out, fascial tissue is torn and leaves inflamed scar tissue around our muscles.  Foam rollers allow for us to easily massage and break up this tissue so our muscles are released and can recover.  

Lastly, foam rollers allow our bodies to reduce neural drive or pain sensations we occasionally feel.  For instance, when we stub our toe our reflex is to grab and rub the toe to lessen the pain and it actually does help.  Massaging the toe stimulates sensory receptors in our bodies called mechanreceptors that will deactivate our neural drive and decrease the pain we’re experiencing.  Foam rollers have the same effect on our sore muscles.

There are several ways that foam rollers can be used to enhance your work out routines and ensure your recovery time is minimized.  Experienced personal trainers in Calgary like Dreambody’s Paul Anthony are the best resources for learning how to incorporate new steps into your routine.  For more helpful tips like these, call Paul Anthony at 403.612.3538 to set up your personal training courses in Calgary today!

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