Looking from the outside, it seems easy for celebrities to remain in shapeThey have personal chefs, trainers and an abundance of money to channel towards their health. 

In reality however, maintaining a certain level of fitness requires a lot of work and dedication. 
Paul Anthony, a 13 time Personal Trainer of the Year, recognizes the importance of sustaining a healthy lifestyle and the commitment required to do so.  
As a 50-year-old World Health Bodybuilding Champion, who is constantly mistaken for a 30-year-old, he must be doing something right.

Here are 5 male celebrities that are also doing it right with their lifestyle choices:

  1. Tom Cruise: We all know and love him, and at 53-years-old, he’s never looked better. His fitness level is high enough that he still performs all of his own movie stunts. To meet the physical demands of Mission Impossible scenes, Cruise sticks to a healthy diet free of any fried foods and goes to the gym every day.
  2. Hugh Jackman: The 46-year-old Wolverine actor maintains his physique by swimming daily in the ocean, running over 12 km, dancing in Broadway plays, and boxing.   
  3. Rob Lowe: At 51-years-of-age, Lowe has many accomplishments, one of which is his sobriety. Lowe struggled with alcoholism and has been sober for 20 years now and completely turned his lifestyle around. By remaining alcohol-free and maintaining a low-carb diet, Lowe’s appearance rivals men half his age. He’s a reminder to all of us that it’s never too late to make healthy choices.
  4. Will Smith: It’s hard to believe that the Fresh Prince and global movie star is now 46 years old. He attests his youthfulness to exercising his body and mind every day with running and reading. He advocates these practices to children and even wrote a book about how reading and running has enhanced his health and life.
  5. Patrick Dempsey:  The 49-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star and cycling evangelist bikes 160 km a week and lifts weights in between. Dempsey claims that biking keeps his body strong and burns over 500 calories an hour. His avid biking has even sparked an annual bike, run, or walk fundraiser for cancer research.

As different as these five celebrities are, they have one thing in common — they fully commit themselves to maintaining healthy lifestyles every day.
As a 13 time Personal Trainer of the Year and a World Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Paul Anthony understands the benefits of practicing healthy choices and with 30 years of experience under his belt, he can help you make positive lifestyle changes and slow the aging process.
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