Last week we discussed tips on how to help you prepare for your bikini competition.  This week I want to discuss the psychology of your training program and how you can help yourself stay focused throughout your regimen. 
As professional athletes, we know how to condition our bodies, but it’s just as important (and difficult) to condition our minds. When you begin training for your bikini competition, it can be challenging to stay focused and disciplined for that extended period of time, but you can do it.
Here’s the advice I give to my clients to help them train their minds to stay focused:

  1. Stay Positive: Keep your eye on the prize and that will keep you motivated.  Don’t think about the food cravings or activities you’re missing out on. Instead, think about the fun you’re going to have, how good you’re going to look and feel at the end of your program. Remind yourself that you can do this in daily mantras, and you will.
  2. Compete: If you want compete at this level, then you need to start acting like a competitor. Keeping a competitive mentality will help you stay focused and determined on your goals. Keep this in mind before every work out and meal.     
  3. Talk About the Competition: Telling friends, family and colleagues about your plans will also help you stay focused on your goals and reduce temptations from getting the best of you. Talk about your training program and how it’s affected your health, sleep and attitude.  You may encourage others to follow suit.
  4. After the Show: After a bikini competition, you may want to run straight to the first fast food restaurant you see. Don’t. Your body will not be accustomed to junk food so you need to ease off of your training regimen. Everything in moderation is the key.

As a 13 Time Personal Trainer of the Year and a World Natural Bodybuilding Champion, I know the importance of mental strength and staying focused before competitions. I have been fortunate enough to help thousands succeed in competitions and I can help you too.
Call me at 403.612.3538 or email me today at for a free, no obligation assessment today. 

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