What Qualities Make A Great Personal Trainer?

You want to start working out with a personal trainer but how can you tell if they’ll be right for you? Before you choose a personal trainer, you should consider what qualities you are looking for so you can know who has the right stuff to not only help you reach your goals but connect with you as a person. When considering partnering with a personal trainer, you will discuss with the private gym you attend what you are looking for in a personal trainer. You will then meet with your potential personal trainer so you can discuss your goals.  If for any reason your personal trainer is not right for you, you can always switch. The personal trainer you choose should have these 5 traits.

What To Look For In A Personal Trainer

Because every person is different, you may require a different communication strategy than someone else. For example, some people want a personal trainer who is blunt and to the point, whereas other people may want a personal trainer who has a more delicate approach. However you want to be addressed, the important thing is that your trainer is clearly explaining to you how to improve in a way that you understand. A personal trainer who can’t properly communicate exactly what you need to be doing or how you need to change your form, routine, or any other aspect of your workout regimen won’t be able to help you improve.

A personal trainer isn’t just someone who works out frequently. Personal trainers are experts in how to help people achieve the results they are looking for through the use of proper form, targeting the specific goal areas, and teaching you exercises and lifestyle changes that will help you outside of your sessions together. It is vital that you work with a personal trainer who knows how to make your workouts safe and effective and who is highly knowledgeable about the human body and the science of fitness.

A great personal trainer knows that while dedication is great, sometimes life happens. While you shouldn’t get into the habit of canceling sessions, sometimes things suddenly come up and canceling a session is unavoidable. A good personal trainer will be understanding of this and, depending on their schedule and yours, may be able to reschedule your session. Personal trainers should also be flexible with their session plans. While it is their job to push you so you can see progress, sometimes accommodations need to be made. If you’re struggling with a certain exercise or if you need to be careful about an injury (either old or new), a great personal trainer will accommodate for that and change session plans as you go.

Your personal trainer will keep track of your progress, make plans for every session, have targets and goals for you to reach, and more. An organized personal trainer will help you reach your goals and ensure no part of your fitness routine is pushed to the wayside. Your personal trainer may even bring a clipboard to sessions to mark off tasks as you go and they may measure your progress. For example, if your goal is to build muscle they may track what weight you are lifting for various exercises so that you can both monitor your progress and can see which areas need to be worked on. Your personal trainer should also be on time for every session, as should you.

Your personal trainer isn’t just with you to teach you how to work out better, they’re there to get you pumped up! One of the hardest things about committing to a fitness program is sticking with it and making every minute of exercise count. Your personal trainer will keep you accountable so that you come to every session, but they will also ensure you make good use of your time together. They will keep your energy high for your sessions and ensure you push yourself. Your personal trainer will help you get excited to work out and they’ll remind you of the progress you’re making.

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Partner With A Personal Trainer In Calgary

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Q: How often should I meet with a personal trainer?
A: How often you meet with your personal trainer will depend on your fitness goals as well as your budget.

Q: What can I expect from my first session with a personal trainer?
A: Before your first session, you will be asked about your personal goals during a free consultation. This will determine what your personal trainer plans for your first session. For more information, read What To Expect During Your First In-Gym Personal Training Session.

Q: Do I need to meet with my trainer in person?
A: No, an online solution is sometimes the only solution that can work for a client. While there are benefits to having an in-person session, trainers can still provide the motivation and positive reinforcement you need with online personal training.

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