While you may have a lot of questions for your personal trainer ahead of your first session with them, there are actually a few things about yourself that you need to make sure you tell them. Here they are.

If you have your first training session lined up with a personal trainer soon, there are bound to be a lot of questions you'll want them to answer before you two begin. How are the sessions structured? What sort of additional resources will they provide? While these are certainly great questions to ask them, there are actually a few essential ones that you'll have to ask yourself first so you can let your personal trainer know exactly how they can best help you achieve your fitness goals. Here's what they are.

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The Important Details You Need to Share With Your Personal Trainer Before the First Session

One of the best things about fitness training is that it's a completely personalized experience. That's why they call it personal training, after all. To make the most out of your sessions and overall personal training experience, you need to help your trainer out by answering the following questions and sharing your answers with them.

What am I hoping to achieve?

Without a personal training purpose or goal, you and your personal trainer's efforts could be misguided or poorly aligned with what you ultimately hope to achieve. Try to think of one or two things you want to accomplish through personal training and share them with your fitness instructor. This will allow them to create a completely personalized program focused on helping you achieve what you originally set out to accomplish.

What experience with gyms do you have?

The purpose of this question is twofold. First, you want to inform your trainer of your fitness level and let them know what type of experience you have with individual machines or exercises. Are there any you are comfortable with or enjoy? Are there some you would like to learn to use or do? And are there any that you would rather avoid? Being honest with yourself at this stage will let your personal trainer pick out the exercises and machines you'll use during your sessions or recommend modifications if there are ones you are not particularly fond of.

The second part of this question has to do with your overall experience up to this point with a gym setting. Do you enjoy going and feel comfortable in one? Or has it generally been a place where you feel awkward and intimated? Shedding light on this aspect of your life will allow your personal trainer to create an atmosphere that is supportive and enjoyable at the gym, helping you remain more consistent with your training program.

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What does your life outside of the gym look like?

Your training sessions will only take an hour or so out of your day. So it's important to share with your trainer what the other 23 look like. The questions you'll want to ask yourself about your life outside the gym include:

  • Do you have kids? What are their schedules like?
  • What is your work schedule? Standard 9-5 with a commute, shift work, or remotely from home?
  • Are you retired? If so, what kind of things do you like to do during the week?
  • Are you frequently stressed out or pretty easy-going and calm?
  • What are your sleep patterns like?
  • What eating habits do you have?
  • Are there any other physical activities you participate in?

By letting your trainer know about all these things in your life outside the gym, they'll be able to create a program that fits within your lifestyle. They can also tailor your program to better address the important things, like creating workouts that help reduce your chronic stress or ones that can help you perform better at the sports you play.

Be as honest and open as you can

Anytime you're dealing with someone directly involved with your health, whether it be a doctor or personal trainer, it's important to be as honest and open as you can. While you certainly don't have to share as many personal details with your trainer as you would your doctor if you don't want to, giving them the answers to the above questions about yourself will help them help you the best they can. Which will make for a much more enjoyable and successful experience for everyone involved.

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