Our mission is to lead, teach and inspire people to take massive action towards living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Step 1 completed!  We came with great expectations for Mauritius Island and we are happy to say our expectations have been surpassed.  We met with key decision makers and leaders, and made it happen! Through our press conference, newspaper articles, news broadcast to over 250 000 viewers, and interactive health and fitness workshops, Transformation 360 was able to make a major impact on the Mauritius government and community. They are ready to take massive action towards their health and fitness. We learned about the different Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and how collaborating with these organizations can allow us to reach more people internationally.  After doing extensive research through meetings with top health professionals in Mauritius, we discovered that Mauritius ranked #1 in most of the non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Notably, Mauritius is #1 in diabetes rates. 50% of Mauritians are diabetic, and the rest are considered pre-diabetic or have impaired glucose tolerance (IGT).  A disturbing stat we found is that 50% of Mauritians will die of cardiovascular disease within working age (18-55). Furthermore, 30% of people over 30 years old are hypertensive, 40% of people over 30 years old are overweight, 16% of males are heavy drinkers, and the Mauritian diet consists of food high in fat, sugar, and salt.  Between 2005 and 2010, the health care budget increased 80% and is still rising.  Only 15% of Mauritians are physically active, indicating that there is a strong need for physical education, inspiration and motivation.

Most Mauritians start the day by spiking their blood sugar with white bread and tea.  Their cultural addiction to sugar, pastries, and fried foods are going to cause them to be extinct like their national mascot the Dodo bird, as I discussed on MBC live news this week.

After our final presentation in front of all the Ministers, health professionals, trainers, dietitians, and government officials, the lead Minister of Health said that he would invite us to lead a very big festivity next March, where highly regarded delegates and the Prime Minister would attend, along with around 60 000 Mauritians.  Another workshop we have been invited to is to lead and instruct 40 000 Mauritians to demonstrate physical exercise in our own art form.


What a great learning experience for us!  We created a new hierarchy pyramid where health exceeds all other needs and wants.  Our motto is "Health before Wealth."  What is the purpose of having wealth if you are going to die before the age of 55?  Without your health you really don't have anything at all.


Thank you Shannon Delves, Vick Pochun, and Harpal Sandhu for your contributions on this incredible journey! :)






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