Are you looking to lose weight but not sure what steps to take? Here are the benefits of working with a trainer to help keep you on track.

Let’s face it, the pandemic has hit us hard, and for many of us, our weight and body have taken the toll of working from home, ordering take-out, eating and drinking more out of boredom, cancelled Gym memberships, and watching just about everything on Netflix. Now that summer has rolled around, you might be feeling a little short of “summer-body-ready.” While gyms remain closed, it can be hard to motivate yourself to work out at home or know what exercises can benefit you the most. The good news? One-on-one personal training is available to show you exactly what exercises you need to do, with or without fancy gym equipment, and with a coach to motivate you to burn off that winter insulation you’ve been storing! Here‘s how one-on-one personal training can help you achieve your summer weight loss goals.

Our Online Personal Trainers Help You Stay Healthy, Fit, and Calm as COVID-19 Continues

Gym goers, fitness enthusiasts, and those who wish to lose weight are being forced to find alternative ways to stay healthy and active during COVID-19. At Dreambody, we have you covered! Our online personal training courses and weight loss programs are an affordable and effective way to stay fit, calm, and healthy during this trying time.

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The Weight Loss Benefits of One-on-One Personal Training

A Personal Trainer Can Keep Committed To Your Fitness Goals

Keeping yourself motivated can often be challenging, especially when working alone or when it’s easy or tempting to skip your workout. Hiring a trainer is one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated because it not only forces you to commit financially but there is an element of social accountability. If you’ve ever read Atomic habits, you may remember the piece of advice that says to make a habit stick, you have to make the reward appealing, or the repercussion unappealing. The repercussions of not attending your personal training sessions and wasting your money can be motivating enough to keep you committed when you otherwise might quit. The social element of a personal trainer can also be motivating- Instead of another solo workout at home, you can look forward to motivating competition, conversation, comradery and shared goals with someone who is rooting for your success!

Spark Up Workout Routine with One-On-One Personal Training 

Hiring a one-on-one trainer is an excellent way to keep your routine going when days have started to melt together. For many of us who’ve been working at home since March, the days, weeks and months may have all started to blur together. One of the first things you do with your trainer is schedule sessions which ensures that your routine is going to keep on going, even when you are too tired, or unmotivated to work on it alone. Plus, it is a great anchoring point for the rest of your week, all of a sudden you have to plan to leave the house at a certain time or hop on an online class, so you have to actually remember to eat at a scheduled time beforehand, maybe even do laundry to have clean workout wear. You might notice you need a clean water bottle or pan and be tempted to do a few dishes, okay maybe that’s a reach, but you can see how one catalyst can spark a lifestyle change and motivate you to get in a better mental and physical space. It’s often easy to fall out of your routine if you aren’t being held accountable by appointments, people and commitments, a personal trainer can help you stay on track mentally and physically, so you can become more balanced and healthy, just in time for summer.

Your Personal Trainer is Your Teammate

It’s not always easy to find the will to keep going with your training but hiring a trainer can give you the extra bit of motivation. They want to see you succeed and will provide you with positive feedback, reinforcement and encouragement if you encounter setbacks or plateaus. Having a trainer is an excellent way to get feedback, spark new ideas, and motivation and it allows someone to give you an objective look at what you are doing to know what’s going well and what can be improved upon.

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Hiring a one-on-one trainer keeps you achieving your goals by providing the necessary positive feedback and motivation to keep your routine going so that you achieve your weight loss goals. Call us today to book a trainer so that you can build your dream body and achieve your fitness goals.

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Does my trainer need to be in-person?

No, an online solution is sometimes the only solution that can work for a client. While there are benefits to having an in-person session, trainers can still provide the motivation and positive reinforcement you need in an online delivery.

Does having a trainer really keep me motivated?

While some people are able to motivate themselves through anything, having a trainer definitely forces a client to commit to success and will provide them the opportunity to ask questions, receive positive feedback, and learn, all while achieving their weight loss goals.

Do I really need a trainer to keep the weight loss I’ve already achieved?

That entirely depends on the client, some clients have the motivation and means to keep their routine going and maintain their weight loss, some do not. Regardless of which type of client you may be, you are sure to benefit from working with a trainer.

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