I’ve studied the top athletes with the best abs over the last 100 years. The Sprinter, the Gymnast, the Martial Artist and the Swimmer.  One thing remains consistent with all of them.  When masterfully displaying their art, their core is always engaged; exhaling out, fast or slow depending on their discipline.   CHANNELLING YOUR CORE makes every rep, every exercise far more intense and twice as effective by driving blood flow to your abs and thereby changing its composition. To demonstrate, start by getting off your couch. Yes, you WILL need to stand up.   Keep in mind, that what you’re about to do, super athletes practice without conscious effort.  It’s so much a part of their form that it comes as naturally to them as breathing.  What I want you to do is pull your belly button and your abdominal wall against your spine.  At first this will feel very uncomfortable, but with practice it can be mastered. 

The Sprinter - Let’s start channeling your core. Run in the same spot with high knees for 30 seconds, while breathing out rapidly through your mouth.  

The Gymnast - For this simulation, extend your legs straight out in front of you in a pike position. You can sit on your hand or have your butt off the seat.   Channel your core and hold for 30 seconds while exhaling out slowly.  Beautiful.

 The Martial Artist – As always, start channeling your core. If you are right handed have your left foot forward, left handed right foot forward.   Throw 30 punches rapidly while breathing through your nose. Still a little uncomfortable but you’re getting better aren’t you?

The Swimmer - Lie on your stomach.  Arch your body like a bent spoon.   Channel your core.  Now, synchronize your upper body with your lower body by pedaling through the waters like you’re aqua man/woman.   Remember to hold your breath for 3 seconds and breathe out for 3 seconds for 80 strokes. With every exercise, you’ll notice this getting easier.   Do this circuit 2-3 times. Apply this practice to every workout you do.  Bicep curls, squats or even bench press.  CHANNEL YOUR CORE.  As a supplementary note, remember to implement conditioning exercises and a lean balance diet to help burn body fat, so we can see those RIPPED ABS. For a traditional KICKASS ab workout join me and Miryah Scott at paulanthony.ca/videos/category/Abs.  I call this my rip it up ABS workout. This is badass!!

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