Overview: What’s your fastest 10km run time? How much have you increased your bench press in a year? How many calories do you consume on the weekend? These are all questions that we want answered in our pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Modern technology has led to innovative apps that can track everything, such as health stats, physical activity, nutrition and even relationships. Read the blog below to find out the top apps to track your healthy life.


Cardiograph App

Taking your pulse with two fingers on your wrist is so 2005. The Cardiograph app (approx. $5) uses the camera on your smartphone to track small changes in the colour of your finger to obtain an accurate heart rate. All the information is then uploaded to your personal profile.


Expereal App

It’s not all physical! This free app allows you to rate your current mood on a scale of 1-10. Gradually over time all the data will allow you to learn more about yourself and is visually stunning.


Map My Run App

On your mark, get set…Go! The free Map My Run app will track everything run related: your speed, running route, record times and will upload all the information into analytical charts.


Lose It! App

To live a healthy lifestyle, one of your super powers has to be nutrition! This app allows you to set a variety of goals to achieve healthy weight loss. The app has a wealth of nutritional data on everyday foods and has a feature that allows the camera to scan barcodes on food items, instantly uploading the nutritional information.


Sleep Cycle App

Your phone is already on the bed, might as well make it work for you! This $1 app will monitor your sleep habits by tracking your movements during the night. When you’ve had a great night sleep, you can analyze the charted information on the app to discover how to maintain that pattern.


I’m Expecting App

This free app tracks your pregnancy! You can follow all the developmental stages as your pregnancy progresses and track any symptoms with other moms-to-be!


Poop Log App

It’s a part of our daily lives that we don’t talk about! However, tracking your bowel movements can help with possibly identifying any potential health issues. Tracking volume and type of stool will allow you to examine how your digestion is working with different types of eating habits.


The Bottom Line: Training with Paul at the gym, early morning jogs and eating your vegetables are all a part of improving the quality of your life. High-tech apps that track your nutrition, health, sleep patterns and even your moods are all included in the modern day toolbox. Innovative apps in conjunction with the top personal trainer in Calgary will take your fitness and emotional health to Everest levels!


For more information on achieving your Dream Body, contact Paul Anthony today in Calgary.

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