The HUMAN RACE Has It Backwards.

Growing up we are taught that we need to have goals and we need to get a profession, and only then we'll have peace; but this process is backwards. Instead of going after your goals and professional success in hopes that you will have peace, seek PEACE first and then go after your goals. Then you will be of sound mind and better equipped to achieve goals that are in line with your values and true desires.

Taking this approach will also have a positive impact on your health with: reduced stress, fear, depression, anxiety etc.

We store our issues in our tissues. These issues are namely stored in our fat cells. The reason you might be having trouble losing weight is you may have negative emotions stored; in other words you have issues in your fat cell tissues.

We have 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per/day, most of which are negative. Meditation lessons can decrease the number of thoughts to under 20,000 leaving you with mostly positive ones. Having a clear mind makes it much easier for you to reach your goals in all areas of life including health and wealth.

The goal is create large gaps between your thoughts, which will create a vacuum and suction so you can achieve all that you desire in life….  LOVE, WEIGHT LOSS, AFFLUENCE and MORE!

MEDITATION - guided by Paul
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Expansive
  • Kindness
  • Illumination


  • Potentially letting go could be the answer to all your problems
  • You're not your feelings. Your feelings are not you.

Ask yourself 3 questions

  1. Can I let it go?
  2. Would I let it go?
  3. When will I let it go?

The SCIENCE behind this exercise is like licking an ice cream cone. The more you lick the more it disappears.

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