Check out the health stats for Mauritius Island: 80% inactivity rate, #1 highest ranked for diabetes in the WORLD, 50% of people will die within working age (18-55) from heart disease, and 30% are obese. Transformation 360's mission is to lead, teach and inspire people to take MASSIVE action towards a healthy and SUSTAINABLE lifestyle vs. diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. We are on a global expedition around the world. First stop - Mauritius Island! We know this mission isn't an easy task; however, great things are starting to happen as we are connecting with key decision makers in order to change the health infrastructure from the ground up. Our meeting today with the Ministry of Youth and Sports was INCREDIBLE! Tomorrow we meet with the Minister of Health to confirm the details of a nationwide press conference and our health and fitness workshop series. For some reason, they are very impressed with us. Saturday, March 26th we have a massive workshop for potentially 5000 people. We have the National Women's Federation, Bodybuilding Federation, Olympic Federation, and all of the decision makers in the Health Ministry collaborating with us to fulfill our mission and vision. This is just a start of our dream. We foresee more great things coming our way.  :)

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