Check out this SUPER MOM and her Incredible transformation!

Candice is a DreamBody online training client with no previous weight training history or experience.  

Fast forward 10 months.  Candice achieves her first PRO card. She has manifested the best version of herself by carefully following our decades old, cutting edge transformation program.

When she Candice was younger she was a national level swimmer. She was determined to get her physical body back after her children.  It is amazingwhat happens when DreamBody science meets Super Mom dedication.

Candice's accomplishments include:

- NPAA Competition Overall Novice Athlete Winner
- NPAA Pro Card Winner
- NPAA 2nd place Pro Division

A few months later, competing on the WBFF World Stage in Las Vegas with over 500 athletes, Candice placed 2nd in the Fitness Model category and achieved another Pro Card.

The Following year she placed TOP 10 in the WOLRD on the WBFF PRO Stage in Figure. 

Training with Paul Anthony is not just a trainer-client relationship.  It's about being part of the DreamBody family.  A family that has an unparallelled support system and a vested interest in every member's success.  Train with Paul.  Just the family.  403-612-3538

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