Are you considering hiring a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals? Here are five things you MUST think about first.

Fitness is an important aspect of our health and well-being, but going at it alone can become quite a challenge. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a regular at the gym, everyone needs a little help with exercise from time to time.

Investing in a personal trainer is beneficial and important because they can:

  • help you stay motivated to exercise.
  • push you a little harder and make sure you never slack off.
  • change or tweak your current fitness program to make sure it’s efficient and effective.
  • help you create and reach achievable fitness and weight loss goals.
  • teach you proper form so you are at a lower risk of injury when working out.

Online and In-Gym Personal Training in Calgary

Whether you want to work out in the gym, or from the comfort of your own home, the personal trainers at DreamBody can keep you on track to achieve all your fitness goals. Using tailored weight loss and exercise programs, we get you the sustainable, yet dramatic, results you want!

How To Choose Your Personal Trainer

Investing your time, money and trust in someone to guide you in the right direction when it comes to your fitness can yield amazing results. BUT choosing the wrong personal trainer may do you more harm than good.

If you are considering personal training sessions, it’s important to take the time to figure out your fitness goals and make the right choice when it comes to working with someone to achieve them.  

Here are five things to consider when choosing your personal trainer.

1. Credibility

A great trainer will have a track record of success and results to show for their efforts. While most gyms require their personal trainers to have certifications from credible organizations, this can vary. A background in kinesiology, professional sports, professional bodybuilding or fitness, or nutrition can indicate that your trainer has the right credentials. And of course, the most important thing a fitness trainer should have is a list of HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL CLIENTS.

Tip: Ask your personal trainer for references from people they’ve worked with who have had similar goals to yours. If they can prove they’ve helped others get to where you want to go, you know you made the right choice.

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2. Dedication

One of the biggest reasons people invest in personal training is because they need someone to get them to show up, work hard, and feel good about it. Your personal trainer should:

  • be firm, yet understanding.
  • give you tough love when you need a boost and show empathy when you’re struggling.
  • be prepared with a customized workout that suits your individual weight loss and fitness needs.

Remember: While a personal trainer should keep you accountable to your workout, they must be accountable to you. They need to show up on time and give you their undivided attention if you’re going to get the results you want.

3. Listening Not Talking

Great personal trainers listen more than they talk. They ask the right questions and focus intensely on the answers. You know you’ve found the right person when they:

  • ask about your goals and expectations and adjust them appropriately.
  • constantly ask for feedback during workouts.
  • ask how an exercise makes you feel and help correct your form to keep you from getting an injury.
  • enquire about your daily nutrition and make recommendations to help you achieve your weight loss results.
Take your time

Remember, when you decide upon personal training, you’re putting your health and future in someone else’s hands, so take your time to find someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.

Making the right choice can mean the difference between achieving your goals or becoming frustrated at a lack of results.

4. Tracking Progress

The right personal trainer should not only track your progress through the use of periodic assessments, but also provide you feedback and tweak your program based on the results.

Tangible ways of measuring your progress based on your goals include:

  • Scale weight
  • Nutritional intake
  • Range of motion
  • Sleep quality
  • Weight lifted

Keep in mind that a great trainer should be able to pick the right exercises and appropriate weights, sets and reps, for you. If something doesn’t feel right, speak up! A qualified personal trainer will adjust your program as needed to keep you safe, while still providing a challenging workout.

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