I believe that Oprah is one of the greatest entertainers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, business women and leaders of our generation.  I had the priviledge of watching her speak live in Calgary and meet backstage afterward.  Here are some of the highlights:

She gave a history of her life story from the age of three to her 59th birthday! She provided parallels of her life's struggles and how it relates to her personal growth and successes in business and becoming whole.

She detailed templates and business practices she uses today that are instrumental to her ongoing growth and success.

Her goal every year on The Oprah Show was to better her best.  Every, single year.  She conquered this goal for 25 straight years.

Whatever follows the words " I Am " will come looking for you " Joel Olsteen

She got pregnant at the age of 14, when she was raped. She miscarried.

She got her first broadcasting job at age 22 making $22 000/year.  Her goal was to make $30,000 by the time she was 30.  (She's currently worth 10 billion dollars.)

Oprah decided not to follow the Jerry Springer style, "shock TV" craze.  Her intent was to serve and add value - make a difference.  The Oprah show was born.

Oprah talked about having many mentors including Elkhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra.

When you let go and surrender to what is, you get what's meant to BE  (her story of the colour purple)

Life (the Universe) speaks to US first in the form of whispers in your GUT (intuition) - This is God's gentle whisper saying, "watch out, be careful",   ...before the whisper rings louder in the form of a sledge hammer.

You need a daily practice like meditation, yoga, stillness.  She has trouble meditating.  She sees flying monkeys in her meditations.

Her quiet time is in the shower

From her experience when people show you who they are, believe them.  Don't try and change them.

Divorce is just 2 people each with a hole when they come together it creates a bigger hole.

Everyone needs acknowledgement.  She tells of the story when she cooked all day for Stedman and he didn't come home until really late
without calling.  She got really upset.  

The uber confident Beyonce, asked Oprah after the show if she had done alright.  Everyone needs approval and some sort of validation.

We only have 2 Emotions FEAR and LOVE.  Love makes you feel great fear doesn't.  Throughout your day ask yourself which emotion are you

Your beliefs are your lenses for which you see your life.

Greatness is determined by service. (Martin Luther King)

If your are breathing, you have been called.  Honour your calling.

One of her mentors Kevin Cash wrote the book leadership from inside out. It describes going back to the beginning and following your THREAD.  
Then use your life story to shift the paradigm of others.  This is how you can truly serve and live your life's purpose.

Finally since the age of 3 years old she knew she had been called for great things.  Everyone in her lineage had been maids. She still believed she had great things to do in this WORLD.  She remember her grandmother saying "Oprah my biggest wish for you is that you find some nice white folks to work for like the Leonard's (her employers.)  If you do this you are set." And she thought to herself ahha... I don't think so

These are my COLES NOTES of this spectacular event.  It doesn't even come close to doing it justice.  Seeing her, hearing her and feeling her
presence in person.... there is nothing like it.  Because of this EVENT my life is changed forever.  I hope it changes yours as well.

Remember, transformation may manifest itself most in a physical form, but it all begins with mindset.  These are the fundamentals of the DreamBody Personal Training Program.  

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