As a World Natural Bodybuilding Champion, I am fully aware of the preparation, discipline and determination required to enter fitness competitions. To better help you prepare for your bodybuilding or bikini competition, use the following tips as a guideline:

  1. Hire a good coach: Just like all athletes, you need a coach to help you sharpen your strengths and reduce your weaknesses. Professional coaches can help you incorporate poses that flatter your specific physique, evaluate your body from each angle and make you standout. The competition at these events is fierce and each competitor has been training just as hard as you have so make sure you invest in a reputable coach. 
  2. Record Yourself: Mirrors can’t capture every movement you make or every angle of your walk, turn and pose. The only way you can ensure that your smile and stage presence are perfected, is with the help of video recordings. Watch the recordings and learn from your mistakes.  
  3. Practice Makes Perfect: Run through your poses and entire routine as much as possible. Once your routine becomes second nature, then you should have a seamless presentation the day of the competition. When practicing, make sure that you keep track of your timing as well to avoid disqualification or failing.
  4. Alleviate Anxiety: Try to picture the day of your competition, better yet, visit the actual venue. If possible, attend a competition prior to yours and get a feel for the environment, audience size and especially the stage floor. Whether it’s hardwood or carpet can have a big impact on turns and the shoes you wear so pay attention to those details.
  5. Meet the Judges: During a performance or presentation, you always want to know your audience and this is no different. Once you know who the judges are, you can tailor your routine to their preferences. Ask around or research former winners to see how they succeeded. 

For almost 3 decades, I’ve helped thousands of people train, prep and succeed at bodybuilding and bikini competitions. Call me at 403.612.3538 or email me today at for a free, no obligation assessment today. 

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