My goal for 2011 is to be the best coach I can be and to grade myself publicly



WBFF World Championships I gave myself an 'A-'


1st Place Bikini Model and Pro Card - Jessica King

2nd Place Fitness Model and Pro Card - Candace McLellan

6th Place Fitness Model Tall Category - Laura McGuigan

*Top 10 Male Fitness Model Pro Division - Gavin O'Leary


*This is what I consider the SuperBowl of the WBFF World Championships.  It's the toughest category I have seen in 5 years with industry Superstars like Rob Riches, David Kimmerle, Obi Obadike, James Ellis, and Michael: All former World Champions.


Pro Division top 10 Finishers Tannis Miller and Andrea Smith. I feel this is the most anticipated division of the WBFF.


Congratulations to Erin Burdzy and Geoff Calder, first time on the WBFF stage. Great job both of you! I am inspired by your efforts down the stretch!


Also thanks to Vick Pochan for help training Candace McLellan!


I have athletes in every category, now I am looking for a fitness model pro to challenge for the title.


Great Job Dream Team! You were all incredible, I am so proud of you!


Woooohooo :)


Results from 2011 to date:


Quebec WBFF I gave myself a 'B'

3rd place Figure - Karen Smith

3rd place Bikini Model - Robyn Baldwin


IDFA Calgary I gave myself an 'A+'

1st place Fitness Model and Best Overall - Teresa Carwell

1st place Figure and Best Overall - Christine Couet

1st place Body Building Heavyweight - Garrett Boyer

6th place Fitness - Chantal Lauren

7th place Fitness - Elli J Allen


Vancouver WBFF I gave myself a 'B'

2nd place Bikini Model and WBFF pro card - Andrea Smith


WBFF Alberta Championship I gave myself an 'A'

1st place Male Fitness Model and WBFF Pro Card - Gavin O'Leary

2nd place Bikini Model and WBFF Pro Card - Amanda Greene

3rd place Fitness Model and 5th in Figure- Beverly Barker

3rd place Fitness Model 35+, 3rd place figure open medium, 3rd place Figure 35+ - Cecilia Hoover

5th place Figure Model - Lisa Wolny

5th place Fitness Model short open - Cecilia Hoover

5 Top 10 finishes


Congratulations to ALL my Dreambody Competitors. You were all unreal! 


Not bad for an "au natural" Team! Wooohoooo:)


Dreamteam Still Rollin'!

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