Calgary Personal Training Transformation: Mona Shoman

Mona is a Dentist in Calgary who runs her own full time family based clinic at She understands the importance of still setting fitness goals to maintain health and to challenge herself regularly. She is also featured now in STATUS fitness magazine!

"I have always been the athletic type of person and love keeping active. Growing up I was a competitive swimmer, and played soccer. It wasn't until I took up martial arts (kickboxing) that I started to realize how weak I was. I wanted to get stronger so I can last full rounds and perform better in martial arts. Paul has helped me realize my potential, and still continues to motivate, inspire and push me way past any limits I ever imagined. The esthetic results came as a result of Paul teaching me proper nutrition and how fueling my body with the ingredients it really needs will keep my mind, body and health in check. Having Paul as an amazing coach makes me conquer all my fears and believe in myself. Thank you DreamBody!"

~Mona Shoman

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