Calgary Personal Training Transformation: Meryn Corkery

DreamKids joining the DreamBody Community!

"We are so impressed with how far our daughter has come in just over a year on the DreamBody Program. She started the program at 15 years old. She wanted to be a competitive athlete and more healthy. She has motivated and inspired us with her commitment. Our whole family now follows the program and we have all seen incredible results. The results of the training and nutrition plans she followed Meryn went from 163lbs to 130lbs and 33% body-fat to 17% body-fat. She plays competitive Volleyball, attends fun runs and bike races on weekends and has a new found passion for life and fitness! She is leaner, stronger, faster, incredibly flexible, can jump higher, has more energy and focus in school and less injuries when playing competitive sports. We are so happy! Thank you DreamBody for your guidance and Support!"

~Proud Parents Vince and Pam Corkery

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