It is our pleasure to introduce DreamBody’s Newest World Champion and the WBFF Commercial Model Category Winner, Jenna McFie! We decided to interview Jenna to get her first-hand experience working with Paul and the DreamBody team to reach her fitness goals through a personalized training program and diet. This week’s blog post is dedicated to showcasing Jenna’s amazing journey to becoming a DreamBody World Champion and the hard work she put into achieving her fitness goals.

DreamBody: How old are you? What do you do for a living?
Jenna: I am 25 years old, and I work as a Dental Assistant in Calgary.

DreamBody: What’s your big picture? What do you want out of life?
Jenna: I want what most people in life want and that is to be happy. The big question I’ve had to ask myself, is how do I achieve that? I’ve realized that by setting goals and working hard to achieve them, I am giving myself a sense of purpose and the feeling of accomplishment when I reach them.

DreamBody: What do you love? What do you hate? What are your pet peeves? What are you passionate about?
Jenna: I love life, especially life’s simple pleasures. I take joy in something as simple as a hot cup of coffee in the morning, but I hate having to convince others of the same simple beauty. One pet peeve I have, is seeing other people speak negatively and put themselves down. Setting goals for myself and working hard to achieve them is something I am very passionate about, and for me training is one of them.

DreamBody: When did you start training? What inspired you to train?
Jenna: I started training at this level about six months ago. Before then, I had been involved in the modelling industry, which was a completely different environment. I was looking to set a new goal for myself, and a couple of influential people in my life recommended that I try training for fitness competitions.

DreamBody: When did you start training with Paul? How did you meet?
Jenna: I am determined to be the best at everything I put my mind to, so one day I Googled: “Best Trainers in Calgary,” and Paul's name was first on the list. I knew right away, that he was an experienced trainer in Calgary and was someone I wanted to work with.

DreamBody: Why did you choose Paul and DreamBody? What makes Paul different?
Jenna: I have never been able to see such dramatic results in such a short amount of time with any other personal trainers I have had in the past. Within a month, I could already see positive results from all of the training and hard work I had done with Paul and the DreamBody team. Paul focuses on a personalized training and diet plan, because we both know that positive results cannot be achieved by just one or the other. He is so invested in the success of his clients, that he will send me a text message of encouragement, telling me to put down that fried chicken and get my butt to the gym!

DreamBody: What were the first few weeks like? Tell us about your challenges and successes on the DreamBody program?
Jenna: Personally, the first few weeks of my training program were the easiest. I started to really struggle once we had to cut the carbs out of my diet, in order to prepare for the upcoming show. The real struggle came from the negativity that I started to develop inside my head, that really made my motivation to train very difficult. One of my biggest successes was getting into the best physical shape of my life. For me, that meant being able to finally open a jar of pickles on my own as well as being named the WBFF Commercial Model Category Winner!

DreamBody: What were the last few days like leading up to the competition? Tell us about your challenges and successes on the DreamBody program? What kind of support did you get from Paul?
Jenna: The last few days leading up to the competition were difficult. Paul always said: “If greatness were easy, everyone would have it,” and let me tell you, it was definitely not easy. Thankfully, I had the support of Paul and the DreamBody team, along with my friends and family to help keep me going.

DreamBody: Tell us about your backstage and onstage experience? Were you nervous? Did you know you had won or did it come as a surprise to you?
Jenna: The backstage experience with the other contestants was great and everyone was so supportive. At the beginning, I was so nervous to go on stage but thanks to the other girls, my nerves quickly disappeared. I had no idea that they would choose me to win, so that definitely came as a big shock to me.

DreamBody: What kind of support did you get from the DreamBody team onstage and backstage? Describe the experience of being part of this community.
Jenna: After the show, I received so much support and congratulations from everyone on and off stage. I feel truly blessed to have met so many amazing people from such a great experience.

DreamBody: Tell us about the big win. How did it feel?
Jenna: Being named the Commercial Model Category Winner for WBFF was such an amazing feeling! It was so rewarding to have worked so hard for 6 months, and to have not only have achieved my fitness goals but to have won a crown on top of that, it was pretty rad.

DreamBody: What’s next for you? Goals? Plans?
Jenna: I'm going to continue my training and maybe even compete for the Bikini Diva title next.

DreamBody: In regards to weight training, can you give us an overview of your typical week?
Jenna: I have a difficult time gaining muscle, so Paul has me training six times a week. I wasn’t doing any cardio up until right before the competition.

DreamBody: How much (and what type) of cardio do you do?
Jenna: When it was time to start introducing cardio into my training, I would attend a spin class five to six times a week.

DreamBody: Tell us about your nutrition. How often do you eat? What do you eat?
Jenna: In terms of my meals, I would eat six times a day. Each meal typically included half a chicken breast, one cup of spinach, and half a sweet potato.

DreamBody: What’s your favourite cheat meal?
Jenna: I love having a burger from A&W with a side of onion rings for my weekly cheat meal.

DreamBody: What 3 tips would you give anyone considering training and/or competing?
Jenna: With anything in life, you have to do it for yourself. Don’t let yourself be affected by negative thoughts or let others tell you that your goals are a waste of time. Having a strong support team and an experienced mentor, like Paul, is a must.

DreamBody: Would you recommend DreamBody? Why?/Why not?
Jenna: I would highly recommend DreamBody to anyone that wants to get into the best possible shape. Whether your dream is to compete or just to achieve your own personal fitness goals, who better to help you reach those goals, then Paul and the DreamBody team. He has helped transform over 100’s of people’s lives and continues to help people like me reach their fitness goals. It is a great environment to be working out surrounded by such wonderful people, who constantly give you the encouragement and support you need to succeed.

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