Personal training is the path to physical fitness, but it goes so much further than that. One of the main keys to Paul Anthony’s success in transforming normal bodies into rock-hard works of art, is his focus on mental development. With Paul, training goes beyond the physical and becomes about mental strength as well.

Years ago, Paul created his MindScore program – a program that’s all about using mental training to improve the physical side. Today, he still uses mental training techniques, which have been critical to the success of his personal training clients in Calgary and elsewhere, who have become fitness champions at all competition levels.  Professionals in the field of personal training have always used mental training as one of the keys to success in the gym and on stage, but Paul takes a bit of a different approach. Here are 4 tips that you can use to improve your mindset before, during and after a workout in order to get the best results from your efforts:


1. Be ready for your negativity

It’s normal for us to second-guess our strength. In the gym we tell ourselves based on our history what we can and can’t lift, how long we can endure on the treadmill, and what’s our appropriate number of reps.  Practice replacing negative thoughts with positive. Start by thinking, “I can lift more today,” “I will do more reps,” and “My body wants to run longer.” By starting out with positive thoughts, you’ve already done half the work of accomplishing what you never thought was possible.


2. Rethink your potential

Some personal training clients intrinsically believe their bodies are a certain way. Like them, you might say you were born with big thighs, or with slim shoulders. Your mind tells you that it’s impossible for you to get defined abs, because that’s just the way you are.  Paul’s years of experience as a personal trainer has taught him that nothing is permanent. He’s helped hundreds of clients redefine their bodies into sculptures they never thought they could create.  Use this technique on yourself, too. Realize that your potential is greater than what your mind tells you. Firmly believe that you can change the shape of your body, and you will. Tell yourself that if you work hard, you’ll have the body to show for it and it will happen.


3. Turn pain into positive results

In the gym, we quickly snap our thoughts towards pain. Extra reps hurt, running longer is exhausting. Restructure your mentality by ending thoughts of pain and exhaustion with positive results - for example: “Ten more reps will hurt my biceps, but they will be stronger when I do it.” As you begin your reps, visualize your biceps growing and becoming stronger, and imagine that next time you curl, you’ll be able to do another ten more than today. The result is that what you think will come true.

4. Meditate

Working on your mental strength in the gym is essential to your success, but getting the best results requires work outside of gym hours. When you’re at home or at work, take the time to meditate on not only your achievements thus far and your goals, but also on finding your “zen” place where extraneous thoughts are let go and you can find peace. It’s a great technique to exercise during times of calm that you’ll later be able to make use of in the gym during those especially tough workouts that bring you to the edge of panic. With practice, you’ll be able to push panic aside and return to your “zen,” making you most efficient during your hardest training days.


Practicing these mental training techniques yourself are a great way to get better results at the gym, but working with Calgary’s top personal trainer is sure to push your accomplishments beyond what you thought possible. Contact Paul today to get started with his proven online personal training program, start an in-person program with Paul, or book a Group Fitness or Corporate Wellness session by emailing Paul or call 403-612-3538.

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