So many of my clients tell me about Amir Khan. What people love about him is how intensely he commits to his roles and the amazing movies he puts out.

For his new movie DANGAL, he had to play a ripped young man and a fat old man in different scenes. They told him they would shoot the young scenes first, AND THEN the old scenes after. He told his Producer that he wanted to do it the other way, because if he finished the movie out of shape, he would have no incentive to get back on track. So he ate. He at Samosas, bread, cakes, desserts, chocolate,...

In the end, he weighed 211 pounds at 38% body fat. Oh and he's 5'5! Unfortunately, it got SO BAD, that he didn't think he could get back down to 9%. Click here to watch his video and see how he did it

At DreamBody, we've used this same system to transform THOUSANDS of lives over the last 3 decades. In fact, we have an Amir Khan of our own ;). Ali went from 26.3% Body Fat to 7.9%. He changed his lifestyle and now has his DreamBody. To achieve the same TRANSFORMATION Amir and Ali did, try our program for FREE for the next 7 days at: code WORLDCLASS

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