We’ve all heard the common phrase – “It’s never too late…” Well this is especially true when it comes to getting in shape. I just turned 50 years old yet I am commonly mistaken for a 30-year-old. And that’s a great feeling, but what I’m really proud of is the fact that my age has never held me back; it’s never been an excuse of any kind. Yes, I’m 50, but I’m also a World Natural Bodybuilding Champion, a new father and a 13 Time Personal Trainer of the Year. That’s what I’m truly proud of.
So when I heard Dame Gillian Lynne’s story, I had to share it with my community.  Mrs. Lynne is an 88-year-old retired ballerina on a mission to get baby boomers moving and exercising on a regular basis. Her impressive career has taken her to the Broadway play Cats and starring in West End. This incredible woman has already achieved so much, but she’s not stopping there. Here’s what else you need to know about Dame Gillian Lynne:

  • She’s 88 years young, but she exercises every single day. Being a former ballerina, she grew accustomed to staying flexible and in shape, so she carried it forward into retirement and she also looks 20 years younger than she is!
  • Dame Lynne has TWO metal hips that have never slowed her down.
  • Dame Lynne also has a foot held together entirely by NAILS. Again, she has not allowed this to slow her down. 
  • She is creating exercise DVDs that specifically target baby boomers and older people because health is important at every stage of life.
  • She feels that today’s workout videos are unrealistic for an older demographic, but they need and deserve attention as well.

As a professional Personal Trainer and the found of the DreamBody System, I fully support her effort to target our baby boomers and motivate them into a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of age or injury, anyone can achieve their DreamBody. 
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