For the longest time, personal trainers were engaged only by the affluent and famous.  As we become a more health conscious society more and more people are seeing personal training as a NEED rather than a LUXURY.   

Consider this:  you can go online and do your taxes yourself.  However, it is more advantageous to invest in a professional who can navigate through years of knowledge and best practices to yield better results faster.  Similarly, you can workout on your own or with a friend.  However, electing to work with a trainer, there is information to be acquired and efficiencies to be achieved that will both speed up progress and keep you accountable to your goals at a higher level. 

13 time Personal Trainer of the year Paul Anthony is known for thousands of successful transformations and has observed the difference in efficacy between training with a professional and the DIY approach.  Specifically:

  1. Online or in gym, personal trainers can provide clients with the motivation they need to accomplish their fitness goals. Not only do personal trainers encourage an overall healthier lifestyle, but they also provide clients with a structured exercise regimen and hold them accountable.  Personal training is ideal for people who have trouble following through on their fitness goals.
  2. Personal trainers develop custom fitness programs specifically tailored to you, your goals and fitness level.  Disabilities and health conditions are researched and factored into your regimen.   Vanity aside, your trainer always strives to get you healthier, happier and living longer.
  3. Training with a professional will also demand both consistency and frequency.
  4. New to training? It’s VERY easy to hurt yourself. Learning how to properly exercise from a personal trainer will increase your results and prevent injuries.  Furthermore, your trainer will teach you how to pace yourself.
  5. Many people seek the assistance of personal trainers for weightloss.  Trainers attain the most amounts of exposure and boost to their credibility through transformations.  There is a higher probability of success with a trainer because they understand that through your journey you will plateau and modifications will need to be made through careful monitoring.

Paul Anthony is a 13 time Personal Trainer of the Year and a World Natural Bodybuilding Champion based out of the World Health Club in Downtown Calgary.  Paul also offers his proprietary DreamBody system online to clients across North America.  For nearly three decades, Paul has successfully help clients lose weight, prepare for competitions, achieve pro cards and drastically enhance their conditioning for sports.  

Call 403-612-3538 or email to book a free no obligation assessment today. 

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