One week into the new year and you may be finding that your resolution to lose weight is getting harder and harder to keep. To help you achieve your weight loss goals keep these 5 tips in mind:

  1. Make peace with your guilty pleasure foods
    Banning your favourite treat is a surefire way to ruin your resolution. When you do break down and eat your favourite treat after banning it you are more likely to binge on it, feel bad and give up on your diet. Avoid this by making peace with your guilty pleasure foods. Don’t keep them in the house where you will be tempted, but allow yourself a small portion once or twice a week so you can satisfy your craving.

  2. Make a lifestyle change
    Starving yourself to make up for the holiday excess is not healthy physically or psychologically. If you feel like you are punishing yourself for gaining weight you less likely to stick to your diet long term. To help you stay strong focus on the lifelong health benefits of your new healthy diet. By focusing on the long term benefits you are better able to see your new diet and exercise routine as an investment in yourself. Staying positive makes it easier to embrace your new lifestyle, and helps make the entire experience more positive.

  3. Set a goal
    Give yourself a firm goal, say 30 lbs, and create a plan to help you achieve it. Whether you choose to work with a personal trainer or on your own, having a detailed plan makes it easier to avoid returning to your previous diet and exercise patterns. Specific, measurable, realistic and trackable goals make the overall task seem less overwhelming. Vague goals such as "I want to lose some weight" are harder to quantify, and that makes it harder to see the progress we make.

  4. Start small
    Whether it is walking 15 minutes a day, adding a serving of vegetables to every meal or measurably reducing portion sizes, small changes are easier to incorporate into your lifestyle than big ones, and are easier to sustain in the long term. Try adding a new change every week, and over time those small changes will slowly add up to a new, healthy lifestyle. Each small change will help you lose a little bit of weight over time, and adding them all together will help you reach your weight loss goals sooner.

  5. Get someone to hold you accountable
    A weight loss companion such as a personal trainer, friend or relative will help you stick to your plan. It is much easier to convince yourself to go to the gym if you know your friend is waiting for you there.

To help them stay on track and provide the necessary encouragement and motivation many individuals turn to personal trainers like the ones at DreamBody. DreamBody nutrition and fitness experts will assess your individual needs and create a custom exercise and diet plan that works for you so you can achieve your weight loss goals. To begin your lifestyle transformation contact DreamBody today at 403.612.3538 and visit

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