Fitness blogs operate as an online personal training device, holding you accountable for your actions and diet choices. Calgary’s best professional online trainer, Paul Anthony, wants to provide some tips to grow and optimize your fitness blog.

Tip 1: Content is everything. Anyone can throw some fancy words into a paragraph and upload it to the net. Only those that provide relevant and helpful information to their readers prevail in this industry. You want your readers to want to return to your fitness blog because it accommodates them so well with the useful information you provide.

Tip 2: Come from an optimistic place. Since your fitness blog will provide online training in Calgary, then you need to stay positive and supportive for your readers. Have you ever met a personal trainer with a dismal, Eeyore personality? No, because trainers are responsible for energizing and encouraging clients to do their best every day. Same rule applies for your training blog: be positive, provide solutions and support for your audience with every word.

Tip 3: Be competent and earn readers’ trust. You are providing a service to your audience so make sure it’s excellent quality and that you endorse everything you write. This will quickly develop trust with your readers and strengthen your audience retention. Your work will be published online and available to thousands of people, so make sure you double check your work for errors. There is no quicker way to lose credibility than little grammatical mistakes.

Tip 4: Remain relevant and up-to-date. Once you’ve written 100 blogs, you may find new topics difficult to come by. You can always provide significant information to your audience if you’re resourceful and do your research. I extend my knowledge base by reading different fitness blogs, pertinent articles, and learning from peers on Facebook and podcasts. Keeping yourself educated and in tune with trends will make you a better writer and grow your fitness blog.

Tip 5: Stay consistent and change it up. This may sound contradicting, so let me explain. You want your blog to have a consistent point of view, whether it pertains mostly to cardio and burning fat or body building, your message should be constant throughout your blog. But, you want your fitness blog to engage readers. A good way to keep their attention is to change the format of your blogs periodically. You can have a blog consisting of bullet points, questions and answers, or you can type up an interesting anecdote for your readers. You just want to keep your writing appealing and attractive.

If you follow these tips, continue learning and keep writing, I know your fitness blog will be a success and so will you. Maintaining a blog like this will also help you reach all your fitness goals and motivate others to do the same. If you have any questions about fitness blogs or online training in Calgary, call Paul Anthony today!

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