Did your fitness efforts take a backseat this winter? Get back on track and into shape with these easy spring fitness tips.

Spring is upon us and with this new change in season comes the opportunity to change the way we think about our fitness regimen and staying in shape. Winter is notorious for forcing exercise and weight loss efforts to take a backseat for many reasons including:

  • colder weather
  • less fresh produce
  • increased sugar and salt intake
  • holiday dinners and festivities

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4 Ways to Prevent Spring Fitness Injuries

After the chill of winter, spring can feel like a much needed burst of warmth and light. It’s a time of growth and new beginnings, and the perfect time to focus on feeling your best by getting active.

But remember! Jumping into a new fitness routine too quickly or hard can result in injury. Here are some ways to stay safe while getting in shape this spring.

1. Listen To Your Body

If you’ve been hibernating all winter, it’s important to ease back slowly into your fitness routine, to avoid any sudden injuries. It’s important to always be aware of what is happening to your body and address any issues including poor balance, flexibility or prolonged stiffness following your workouts.

Here are some signs that you may be ‘overdoing it’ with your spring fitness routine:

  • Exercise leaves you exhausted instead of energized
  • You get sick easily
  • You’re unable to sleep
  • You have ‘heavy legs’
  • You’re regularly sore for days at a time

REMEMBER: If you don’t ease back into your exercise, you may be setting yourself up for  muscle soreness and injury, and that can sideline you for weeks, if not months.


2. Warm Up Before Doing Any Activity

Warming up properly before exercising is very important because it helps increase blood flow to your muscles, resulting in decreased stiffness, lower risk of injury, and often, improved performance.

Warming up before your fitness routine also:

  • lowers stress on your heart
  • improves your range of motion
  • increases body temperature, lowering your risk of strain and pulls
  • mentally prepares you for the exercise routine ahead
  • increases your muscle temperature for enhanced speed and strength


3. Find Opportunities To Move

Improving your flexibility and range of motion, especially after a couple of months of limited or no exercise, takes practice and MUST be worked on every day. This will help you avoid soft tissue damage and enhance your balance to prevent any falls.

Here are some easy ways to ensure you do some activity every day this spring:

  • climb the flight of stairs instead of taking the elevator
  • take your dog for a walk
  • clean your home
  • cook dinner
  • trade drinking for dancing
  • while watching TV try some jumping jacks, push-ups or other fat blasting moves during the commercial breaks


4. Build Lean Muscle

Strength training rebuilds weakened muscles and strengthens your bones. Lean muscle also burns more calories, helping you maintain a healthy weight, so make sure to target major muscle groups at least twice a week.


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