(Jennifer Neil)

We just found out my husband has been nominated again for the "people's choice" OBSIDIAN award for 2016 TOP Health and Fitness Coach of the Year! Please help him to WIN by Voting for him EVERYDAY on the link below until September 16th! It's Very Very EASY to vote, you just click the link scroll down to "Top Health and Fitness Coach of the Year! click Paul Anthony and then hit VOTE!"  I would LOVE for him to WIN again! He has changed so many lives and inspired so many people.

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them."  Paul Anthony you are GREAT! Thousands of transformations! You make the world a better place.

(Almin Kassamali)

Five years ago, my good friend Paul Anthony convinced me to chase the career and build the company I always wanted. He convinced me to build StyleLabs and put complete faith in me by becoming my first client.  Through example, he has taught me to take BIG chances, seize opportunities and keep going. No matter what.
As many of you have heard, he was nominated for the 2014 Obsidian Awards.

I invite you to join me in voting for him. Because I think he deserves the win. Here's why:

1. The guy transforms lives. Thousands of transformations both physically and in life.
2. He walks the talk. I have never seen anyone work that hard in the gym and in life. Constantly trying to get better. Every day.
3. Training may be his profession, but it's also his craft. I tell him he's got "encyclopaedic knowledge" of transformation. I'm sure many of you can attest to that.

(Matthew Vanlauwe)

Hey everyone!!'  Please please please take 2 seconds out of your day and help me out by voting for my Coach!! Paul Anthony to help him win a well deserved obsidian award.He changed my life and so many more and I couldn't think of a better man to win such an award!!

Much love

(Leanne Kezin)

Surround Yourself with those that lift you higher. My friend, mentor, and coach Paul Anthony helped changed my life. His knowledge, guidance and support set the path that I have travelled and has brought me to extraordinary places. Yup, his training is the Best! Yup, when you follow his regime it works! Yup, do as he says and results will follow.

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