With just a few tweaks or additions, you can make your workout routine even better, so you look forward to exercising more and get great results from them. Here are 10 of the simplest and easiest ways to improve your exercise routine.

Self-care is such an important part of a healthy and fulfilling life. By focusing on ourselves, we're better able to help those closest to us by giving them the best versions of us. 

With 2021 just starting, perhaps self-care is something you would like to improve upon this year. One way you can easily institute some self-care principles into your life is by incorporating them into your workout routine. 

As you'll soon find out, just a few small changes can make a huge difference in how effective your workouts are and how excited you are to do them. Your results will also improve along the way!

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1. Use Some Uplifting Music to Put You in the Right Mindset

It's such a small thing, but listening to some uplifting music when you workout can provide some serious positive benefits. While aggressive or hardcore tunes can certainly pump you up, you should try to find some songs that both energize and uplift for the best results. You'll be in such a great mindset after you do, which you can carry forward for the rest of the day.

2. Pick Up Some Weights

For a lot of people, their first exercise routines at home typically centre around bodyweight exercises. Which are great, don't get us wrong! But if you find yourself struggling to see the results you want, pick up some weights to speed the process along. Even using very light weights can help tone and sculpt your body much quicker.

3. Pick Up Some Free Weights to Be Exact

Incorporating weights into your workout routine doesn't mean you have to spring for a fancy machine. We would argue that free weights are even better for you than those machines. Why? When you use free weights, your muscles have to work even harder because they need to stabilize the movement you're making with them. That translates into an even better workout with practically the same expenditure of effort. 

4. Do a Dynamic Warmup Instead of Stretching

We all know it's important to warm up before a workout, so we reduce our chances of getting hurt, but if stretching is a total bore to you, then ditch it for a dynamic warmup instead. Remember, we're focusing on self-care this year, which means if something isn't fun, then you shouldn't struggle through it. Some examples of a dynamic warmup include going for a jog around the neighbourhood or doing some push-ups and jumping jacks before working out. 


5. Eat Some Carbs Before Your Workout

Do you find yourself feeling sluggish and tired when you work out? That may be because your body doesn't have the proper fuel it needs! We know that carbs sometimes get a bad rap, but if you fuel your body with complex carbs before working out, then you'll find you have the energy and stamina you need to work out longer and at a higher intensity. You'll also feel less tired once your workout is done.

6. Try Some Intervals

One of the biggest pieces of advice we can give those who may be new to working out at home is to do some intervals. These types of workouts blend strength and cardio training together, which is a great way to break up the monotony of your regular routine. Intervals typically feature one short high-intensity exercise, followed by a rest one in between. Depending on how hard you want to go, the rest exercise can either be a chance to catch your breath or a way to deplete your oxygen supply even further.

7. Make Sure You're Drinking Lots of Water!

It can be tough to get the 8-10 glasses of water we're supposed to every day, but doing so will help give you the all-important fuel you need for your workouts we were talking about earlier. By making sure you're properly hydrated before your workout begins, you'll definitely feel more energized as it's going on. 

8. And Make Sure You're Getting Enough Sleep!

Getting enough sleep is supercritical to having a better workout routine. How do you expect to kill it in your workout if you're already tired before it begins? Sleep and exercise are inextricably linked, and they're one of the best virtuous circles out there. You'll sleep better when you exercise often, and when you have a better night's sleep, you'll perform better in your workouts and feel better while executing them. 

9. Be Committed to Working Out for at Least 10 Minutes Every Day

Every significant change starts with a small step. A lot of people ask us what the best at-home workout routine is and we always tell them it's the one they can commit to for at least 10 minutes every day. Certain people like certain things, and finding a workout you can dutifully do every day for at least 10 minutes will put you on the right path to improved health and fitness. You'll quickly find out that once you start your "10-minute workout" it's suddenly turning into a 20 or 30-minute session. Trickery is good when it leads to more exercise!


10. Switch Up Your Workouts

If you ended up on this page looking for a way to make your workout routine better, it's most likely because your current one isn't working for you. Whether that's due to it not providing the results you were hoping for or it being a total bore, the first thing you should do is switch things up. You could try an online personal trainer or class to add the spice you need, or search out some new workouts online from fitness trainers you find fun. Whatever you decide to do, just keep changing things up on a regular basis. Your body and mind will appreciate the challenge, and your results should improve too!

Hopefully your best workout routine is right around the corner with all these new tips! If you want even more guidance and help and would like to know more about our amazing personal trainers in Calgary and how they can help you achieve your fitness or weight loss dreams, be sure to contact us today. If you have some time, you should definitely check out our transformations too. 

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