10 Days of Enlightenment


#1 – Understand the anatomy of fear.  It is our own creation. Most of the things we are afraid of never happen. So WHY let your fears own your Life?


#2- Saying that you don’t have time to improve your thoughts and your life is like saying you don’t have time to stop for gas because you are too busy driving.  Eventually it will catch up with you.


 #3 - The best possible use of your time, bar none, lies in cultivating your mind, heart, body and spirit so that you can bring more brilliance to this world.  Awakening these four dimensions of your inner world is the best move you can make.  Outer greatness is preceded by internal excellence.  Your external life can never be larger than what exists within.


#4 - When you run inspiring, imaginative pictures through the movie screen of your mind, wonderful things start to happen in your life.  Einstein said that “imagination is more important than knowledge” Spend some time every day, even if it is just a few minutes, in the practice of creative envisioning.  All extraordinary acts begin with a dream.


#5 – When you go after what you want with Love and wild Abandon, you tap into the energy that created the stars and the seas.  A kind of magic begins to enter your life and things happen that defy your comprehensions.  Signs start to appear, suggesting that you are on the right track.


#6 – When you do your best and dedicate yourself to excellence, life supports you and puts wind beneath your wings.  It sees a human being who is reaching for his ideals and trying to become what he was meant to be.  That kind of effort never goes unnoticed by the eyes that watch over the world.


#7 – Every gift we have been given - and every one of us has gifts – has been given to us for a reason.  With each of the gifts we have received comes responsibility that we sculpt, develop, and then apply it out of the world in a way that enriches the lives of other people


#8 – People who are not willing to set an intention for all they want from life and then to boldly pursue it are ultimately people with much fear stirring within their hearts. Don`t let fears deny you your freedom.


#9 – Self –examination is the first step to personal greatness.


#10 -  The only people with no problems are dead. Remember every problem gives you a chance to grow. Feel and embrace your pain/problems for what they truly are and what you'll learn is your problems are illusionary, your creation.


Paul Anthony

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