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  • World Health Club Edmonton 13 years (District Personal Training Manager, General Manager, Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer Top Female Trainer in Company, Recruiting Director, Group Fitness Manager and Instructor)
  • Bachelor of Science Nursing (In Progress)
  • American Council on Exercise Personal Training Certification
  • Can Fit Pro Pre and Post Natal Certification/Pro Trainer
  • Medical Exercise Specialist Post Re-habCertification (AAHFRP)
  • NCCP Level 2 Gymnastics Coach (Previous National Competitor)
  • Olympic Lifting Level 1 Certification
  • Kettle Level 1 Agatsu Certification
  • Provincial Judge Alberta Bodybuilding Association
  • Black Belt Tae Kwon Do-Previous Canada Team Training
  • 4th Place CBBF World Qualifier Canadian National Show Fitness 2005 (With Routine)
  • 2nd Place Edmonton WBFF Show Fitness Model Tall 2012
  • 1st Place Fitness WBFF Calgary Show - Earning Pro Card 2015
  • 1st Place Calgary WBFF Show Fitness Model Tall 2015 -Earned WBFF PRO Fitness Model Status
  • Competative Track and Field Athlete Spartans Calgary (100m, 200m, 400m, Hurdles)


Working out is a triumph over laziness, procrastination and self-sabotage. When you exercise consistently your health problems can diminish, confidence grows and it strengthens your body and mind.

I believe the best workout partner is a personal trainer. We are the key to unlocking your door to opportunity and guaranteed success. If you are unmotivated, stuck in a rut, looking for a new program and are new to a fitness facility, I am here to help motivate and help you. If you have a goal you have never achieved or have been waiting years to get back to, don’t waste your time and make an investment in your health to get a proper assessment and program design. Anyone can change their body if they want to!

My Client Equation to SUCCESS:
Proper Nutrition + Proper Exercise Design + Showing up (Perseverance) = GUARANTEED RESULTS

Previous Client & Personal Experience

I have previously been a competitive athlete in gymnastics (National level), martial arts (Tae Know Do Double Gold Can Am Games), track and field 100m relay, hurdles, Pole Vaulting, Fitness competitor (ABBA 4th place World Qualifier 2005), WBFF (2nd Place Fitness2012), fastest female PARE time with Edmonton Police Service for career fitness testing. I have also been a coach and personal trainer for many years.

I have worked with a vast and wide demographic and can help almost anyone achieve their goals. My past clientele has been with weight loss, extreme weight loss 100-160lbs, increasing muscle mass, strength training, Pre and Post natal, Career Fitness Testing, Competitive athletes (Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Volleyball, Curling, Track and Field, Football, Hockey, Figure Skating) Post re-hab and Medical conditions. Also having 3 young children of my own, I understand the stresses of a mom and dad and can relate trying to find balance with working and exercise.

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