Competition and Stage Prep

It takes repetition to change the body. It takes repetition to change the mind as well."

-Paul Anthony

Contest Prep: Gear Up To Showcase Your Results On Stage

If you’re looking for expert training that covers all aspects of contest prep, Calgary personal trainer, bodybuilding coach, and World Natural Bodybuilding Champion Paul Anthony should be your top choice. He’s helped over 150 novice athletes earn their pro cards: are you ready to be next?

Taking part in a competition can help you:

  • Transform your body
  • Ramp up your fitness goals to the next level
  • Boost your confidence
  • Develop a positive and determined mindset that can benefit you in many facets of your life

And, of course, it provides you with an opportunity to showcase your hard work on stage, to judges and the audience which is both a confidence-booster and amazing learning experience.

Competition prep refers to the work required to get into the right physical and mental condition to participate in a bodybuilding, figure, physique, or fitness competition.

Competition prep includes:

  • Choosing competition type and category
  • Workouts
  • Nutrition
  • Posing
  • Styling
  • Mindset

Choose Your Competition

Not Sure Where To Start?

There are more competition types and category options than ever for aspiring competitors. Many organizations have broadened their scope beyond classic bodybuilding, and now include:

  • Fitness competitions
  • Physique competitions
  • Bikini competition
  • New divisions that showcase fitness and weight loss transformations

Additionally, organizations like World Body Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) combine fitness with fashion, glamour, personal style.

Ready To Go Pro?

Athletes who succeed locally can go on to compete at even higher levels. There is a wide range of different competition categories, weight classes, and competition levels, and several organizations offering them.

Key organizations include:

  • International Federation of Bodybuilders (known for the Mr./Mrs. Olympia competition)
  • The National Physique Committee (NFC)
  • The World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF)

If you've already completed and are ready to continue climbing, set up a  training consultation with Paul. As a world champion, Paul is well-equipped to give you advice on strategically pursuing victory at the highest levels.

Why Hire A Trainer For Fitness or Bodybuilding Contest Prep?

With the right fitness or bodybuilding coach, Calgary residents can set themselves up for success. Here are 5 key ways Paul will get you stage-ready.


In a bodybuilding competition, symmetry, muscle development, and overall physique are key to obtaining a good score. For this reason, anyone seeking to enter a figure competition needs to take into account:

  • Their bone structure
  • How easily they put on and lose weight
  • Existing strengths and weaknesses

Next, they should turn this information into an actionable training plan that will help them reach the competition’s “ideal” aesthetic. By visiting a personal trainer for assistance with this aspect of bodybuilding competition prep, Calgary competitors can save time and ensure they’re on the right track from the start.


Nutrition is the foundation of most sports training regimens, and bodybuilding, fitness, and bikini contest prep is no exception! Your contest prep diet will have to see you through leaning out, yet help you avoid the loss of muscle mass. A personal trainer with experience in nutrition is the best person to help you get in shape for competition without shortchanging yourself health-wise.


All fitness competitions involve some form of posing, which is designed to allow judges to evaluate competitors’ physiques. Even the most experienced gym-goers might find this to be daunting or awkward at first. A personal trainer can outline the required and optional poses for each competition category, and give feedback and advice on technique


Stepping onto the stage in front of the competition judges and audience is an amazing way to show off your hard work. Different types of fitness competitions have different presentation and styling guidelines to further enhance the competitors’ results.

With a personal trainer, you’ll have professional tips on the best presentation techniques and styling options.


The final aspect of bodybuilding contest prep Calgary clients can benefit from a personal trainer’s help with is mindset. Contest prep can be stressful, meal plans can feel restrictive, and some even liken the time investment to a part time job. With the help of a personal trainer or bodybuilding coach, Calgary fitness competitors can learn and develop positive strategies for powering through obstacles.

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If you've ever thought of entering a fitness competition, it's time to stop dreaming and start doing. We know that with the right training and experienced coaching, you'll make an awesome member of the Dreambody Team. Ready to start your competition-day countdown? Get in touch with us at 403-612-3538 or through our online contact form.

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