Have you been considering opening up your fitness practice more to seniors? This affluent demographic is growing fast in terms of taking up personal training services and can be some of your most loyal clients if you know how to train them properly. At DreamBody, we've been providing Calgary fitness for seniors for a long time and know what they need as personal training clients. Let's take a look at what that is. 

As life expectancy continues to rise and more people in their seventies and eighties turn to fitness to keep them both young in spirit and body, those in this demographic have begun to become sought-after clients for personal trainers in Calgary and across the world. But what seniors need when it comes to their personal training is much different than what even middle-aged clients require, and a far cry from what bodybuilding personal trainers provide. 

That's why if you want to open up your personal training practice to more seniors, you need to read this week's article from our fitness Calgary guru.

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What It Takes to Be a Good Fitness Trainer for Seniors

Training seniors is a rewarding yet challenging endeavour. While they can impress you with their physical fitness and capabilities, you must always be cognizant of their advanced age and increased risk for getting seriously injured while exercising. With that in mind, here are some of the main things it takes to be a good fitness trainer for seniors. 


If you're used to working out younger people or even those in their forties or fifties, you'll be in for a bit of a rude awakening when it comes to being a good personal trainer for seniors. Understandably they move slower and need extra guidance, as most of them have never really participated in personal training or worked out at a gym.

This means you need to take your time and be extremely patient with your senior clients, and possibly set aside more time than you would for your training sessions with your younger clientele. And if you're a high intensity type who likes to motivate their clients through being loud and boisterous, you may want to dial things back a bit for your first few sessions before you really get to know their personality. 


Obviously the biggest challenge involved with training seniors is their increased risk of suffering a serious injury that could severely impact their quality of life for the rest of their time on Earth. As some injuries for this demographic are hard or impossible to fully recover from, you'll need to be extremely cautious when training seniors. 

This means you should constantly be checking in with them to see how certain exercises are feeling, especially the first time they execute them. While you don't want to come off as annoyingly concerned and make your senior clients feel as though their little children, it's a fine line between being negligent and nonchalant. 

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If you enter into your training with seniors being pessimistic about the whole process, then your clients will pick up on it. You need to have a positive and optimistic approach with this demographic, who can surprise you with everything they can still do both physically and mentally. While you'll need to exercise the caution we discussed above at all times, you should also view this opportunity to train seniors as a crucial component to the betterment and extension of their lives. 

With most people who are 70 expected to live at least another 15 years, the senior fitness demographic can be a boon for your personal training business. You just need to know how to make them feel comfortable, respected, and appreciated. These amazing people have seen a lot in their lives, and with your help, they'll be able to see even more.

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