Group training classes can be an affordable, cost-effective way to help with weight management. But are they the best option for you?

Crossfit, barre, spin, bootcamp, even crawling...there are so many options when it comes to group fitness classes. But are they the right weight management or weight loss option for you?



Consistency in your workout routine is key, but sometimes boredom can set in. Fitness classes are usually engaging and high-energy, which makes them ideal for Calgary weight loss clients with a higher amount of cardio in their training plans. While going through the same hour of cardio on a treadmill day after day might become dull, a fun instructor, handpicked playlist, and variation of activities can keep you interested, engaged, and giving each workout your 100%.


Studies show that someone held who is held accountable is much more likely to succeed in their goals, and this is definitely true of weight loss. Calgary fitness classes allow you to get to know your peers and instructors, and to develop a bond as you strive towards your fitness goals together! You’ll be much less likely to skip out on a class if you know your teammates are counting on you. You can even add a little friendly competition in the form of a weight loss challenge. 


If you have such a busy lifestyle that researching and tracking different workouts is taxing, group fitness classes might be the option for you. After all, you simply have to show up and will be guided through a series of exercises!


Group classes can range in prices, but are usually quite affordable. Many classes are included in gym memberships, and even at boutique studios, a membership allows you to take advantage of as many classes as you would like.


Lack Of Individualized Training

Sometimes the classes fail to strike the balance between not pushing hard enough, or putting regular attendees at the risk of overtraining. For example, experienced attendees might find themselves plateauing even in an advanced class. On the other hand, group trainers usually push the group to 110% each time, and don’t have a broad overview of each member’s training history. For example, a spin instructor cannot factor in different rest periods based on whether one attendee works out 7 days a week while another goes for a killer workout on 4 or 5 days. This might put certain individuals at risk of overtraining unless they monitor their other workouts.

Finally, even if classes are segmented by level, the workout programming can be difficult for individuals who have an injury, mobility restrictions, or other requirements that would have to be accommodated.

Lack of Attention To Form

While group instructors can correct form, they obviously cannot devote their attention to each attendee for the duration of the session. This means that small issues that aren’t glaring can go uncorrected.

Doesn’t Always Fit Your Schedule

Many group training classes at larger gyms are only offered at specific times of the day. Even at larger boutique studios, classes may be segmented by type or by level. If you are very busy, or if your work schedule varies, this can make it more difficult to make it to the classes that you want to take on a regular basis.

Certain Novelty Classes Might Not Help You Acheive Your Fitness Or Weight Management Goals

In addition to classic fitness offerings, there are a wide range of workout classes that add a novelty twist. In these cases, consider whether they are in line with your fitness goals. For example, while “Beer Yoga”, or “Baby Goat Yoga” (these are both real things) may add novelty, fun, and humor, to your workout routine, they might not be ideal for someone who is looking to get shredded in a hurry.

The Verdict On Group Fitness Classes in Calgary

If you value workout variety, love having your friends keeping you accountable, and are looking for a cost-effective but fun way to keep in shape, group fitness classes are for you!

On the other hand, if you’re focused on improving your form, want to achieve specific results, and have a busy schedule, you probably don’t want to center your training regimen around group workout classes. In these cases, you will want to see a personal trainer, who can keep you accountable and motivated while providing assistance with form and other technical issues.

If you want the best of both worlds, consider working with a personal trainer and choosing group fitness sessions on off days as a form of cardio, conditioning, or active recovery.

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