Mother and cancer survivor Melanie talks about her incredible transformation with Paul and how she rediscovered her mental and emotional strength to become the warrior woman she is today. 

Shocking News

Six weeks after giving birth to her beautiful daughter, Sophie, 35-year-old Securities Investigator, Melanie went for her postpartum visit. After the scan revealed that her stomach was full of fluid and her uterus was too large, she was sent for emergency tests. Nothing could have prepared her for the news: she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Paul Is My Guardian Angel

One of the greatest challenges Melanie faced during her cancer journey was rebuilding her strength after treatment. Although she was trying to manage alone, she wasn’t seeing much success and was so happy to receive a phone call from Paul, encouraging her to come in and see him. She was so thrilled to hear from him, it was like being ‘ a little kid in a candy factory.’


Pieces of The Puzzle Finally Coming Together

On May 5th, 2013, Melanie began her transformation with Paul. It was about rebuilding strength, balance, and every other aspect of fitness she had lost during her illness. With Paul, it seemed like all the pieces of the puzzle were finally coming together; he guided and encouraged her to naturally build up her physical and emotional strength and heal in the right way.

Complete Transformation

From her time in the hospital to the woman she is today, Melanie has been completely transformed - a true testament to her strength, Paul’s commitment, and his incredible Dreambody program. With his guidance and their shared passion, Melanie has healed in all aspects - physically and emotionally - and planted the seeds of her new life; one that is truly blooming into something marvelous and incredible.


Achieve Your Own Transformation

If you’re ready to begin your own successful transformation, be it for weight loss or increased fitness, Paul and the Dreambody team can get you there! Contact our Calgary fitness centre at 403-612-3538 or fill in our online contact form.

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