23-year-old personal trainer Jenna, was looking to change her life and build her business when she began the Dreambody program. Today, having brought her physical fitness to a whole new level, Jenna feels like a brand new person and can’t take the smile off her face. 

A Life Changing Journey

6 months ago, Jenna moved to Calgary with her boyfriend. She was introduced to Paul through a friend at the gym and over one short phone call, he instilled such confidence and excitement in her, that she went to meet him the very next day and begin the whirlwind, crazy journey that is the Dreambody Program.

Never a Boring Day

The core concept of the Dreambody weight loss and fitness program was finding what worked best for Jenna’s particular body and needs. Every day of the four months was different and more challenging, and by the end of it, Jenna felt like a new person; one who is confident and strong enough to face any hurdle.


Moving Forward

During the weight loss program, Paul became more than a trainer to Jenna; he became her best friend and a father figure, guiding her on the greatest journey she has ever been on; never once taking a step back, but always moving forward.

Feeling like a brand new person

Today, Jenna wakes up every day feeling like a brand new person and anything is possible. The 20 week program encouraged her to develop a strong sense of self-worth and she can’t take the smile off her face.


Start Your Own Weight Loss Transformation

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